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PC Post Your 1.3 base here!

Mental Mouse

So, I was prepping for Hardmode, getting tired of my NPCs wandering in front of my chests, so I figured I'd sink some of my plentiful resources into rebuilding my base into something beyond a floating box. If I do say so myself, I think it came out rather nice....

A couple of notes: The Daytime image is slightly newer, I tweaked a bit more. I still need to do a little more rearranging of chests and such, and I'll be sticking a couple of armor-clad mannequins in the upper corners. The walls in the central area are iridescent brick, painted green. Below the base (underground) are a couple of pits, liquid generators, a statue-farm setup (I swap in statues at need), and my new arena. Those rails lead to my skybridge.

The side exits look a little weird, but they do work OK, with the doors open I can run smoothly from the rails on either side to the rails on the other. I'm thinking about some actuated caps to seal off the bottom if I need to for an event.

Note that some of the NPCs are currently housed elsewhere, but their rooms (along with the "blank" rooms) will be spares for incoming Hardmode NPCs. I think I provided sufficient spare space for Hardmode equipment and more chests, too -- if I need more space I will continue the top to a pyramid or suchlike.

By Day:
Terraria Base Day 1 2017-09-24.png

By Night:
Terraria Base Night 1 2017-09-24.png

Hmm. Tried a Blood moon image, but it didn't look much different than the night.


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last successfull design i had made while trying to survive in hardcore expert. wanted to do something that was functional and had aesthethics at the same time. looks like something you could actually live on. so i repeat this design each time i start a new run. with some changes here and there. i hope to upload one of the most recent run if i dont die this time of course.

Mental Mouse

Presenting, Mark II of my base -- now with apartments for the Stylist and my new Hardmode NPCs, not to mention myself. I also expanded the top half of the base for more space, and added actuated caps for the bottom. (Did that after my first Solar Eclipse... :eek:) And having learned how to use Camera Mode properly, I included the stuff below my base: Pits with switchable lava, statue farm (ditto), Liquid/Obsidian/Honeyblock farm, my museum (still missing Gold Mouse, Lightning Bug, and Green Jellyfish), and a bit of my arena.

The Heart-&-Star station isn't for that arena, it's one of three for the aboveground space to the right of the image, which is where I've been fighting Hardmode bosses.

ETA: Since posting this I've added player sensors to open the side doors (helps with those events) and upgraded the Tax collector to mahogany table and chairs with a pile of coins on the table.
MM's Base Mk2 2017-10-07 13_20_02.png
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here is a city that a friend and I made.

It has a subway track running under every building.


Mental Mouse

And... Mark III of my base. Feel free to compare it to my prior versions above. Current features:

  • Now with decorated rooms for all my current NPCs, and spares for the Cyborg, Santa Clause, and room-swapping. (Alas, Truffle doesn't like his room, since I'm not in Fungusland.)
  • Plenty of space for more crafting stations, chests, or other expansions, currently with paintings and such.
  • Nice bedroom and studio for me. I promise, the Nurse is only in there for professional reasons! ;-)
  • Side doors controlled by player sensors. Along with the actuated thresholds outside them... bye door-breakers, have a nice fall!
  • Lava pits now go from safe to sorry and back with a single switch (orange), and strategic walls foil jumpers.
  • The other switch at the bottom (purple) seals off the bottom of the base for eclipses and suchlike.
  • A spare switch in my bedroom (red) toggles both of the above at once, for when I come home to an invasion.
  • To the right you can see where I've been fighting the Hardmode Bosses and Mothron. The third heart/star station is offscreen, but you can see the Nurse's field clinic.
  • Below is the top of my old arena, still useful for replaying old boss fights. The execution chamber next to it is for NPCs.
  • Statue farm with switchable lava (one switch dumps, the other drains).
  • Museum with nearly all the Critters -- now I'm only missing the Golden Mouse.
MM's Base Mk 3.png


Started a Modded expert world.
Capture 2017-08-22 19_37_06.png
Capture 2017-11-12 15_03_26.png
Im not good at furniture if anyone wants to suggest some ideas you can go ahead!


This is my spawn point. I wanted to have an open base, you can see the spawn on the top, the storage below ant the nursery on the bottom left corner. The objective is to make individual houses for every NPC with their own unique turn, but sticking to the nature/abandoned theme I´m going for.
Capture 2017-12-01 21_22_41.png



I stole my Spooky Wood from my 1.2 world but that's on my Expert playthrough. I wanted to complete all my NPC housing before I kill WoF. It isn't quite done on decoration but I do have everything set up. Just the furniture and ambiance isn't complete.
what are the walls and stone made of? also what is the roof made of?
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