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PC Post Your 1.3 base here!


Current build I'm working on, though it is for a modded playthrough, so as teamruby64 said, not sure if it counts.


Hello everyone! I've been reading some of this thread and ever since i finished the boss-killing plot, i've started building a new great base on a brand new world just to improve my building skills. Think I'm gonna post some updates later, but here is what I have to show now (your suggestions and critics is very welcome):



Dungeon Spirit
I recently tore down my old base and rebuilt it bigger and better. This was the result. Tell me what you think!


You know you can take a picture of the whole thing, right? Just go to Camera, "Open Map" and set the space you want to take a picture of. Then click in "Take Snapshot"!
Just a little tip ;)
yeah i know but water/lava looks broken in camera mode
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