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PC Post Your 1.3 base here!


bit late to the party, gonna put mine here nonetheless. everything took around 300 hours.


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I stole my Spooky Wood from my 1.2 world but that's on my Expert playthrough. I wanted to complete all my NPC housing before I kill WoF. It isn't quite done on decoration but I do have everything set up. Just the furniture and ambiance isn't complete.
Can i use you world pls


I literally just started on this character
It is my first good build ever lol
Here is my house (very proud of it although it's small):


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Skeletron Prime
i've made and abandeoned two whole bases. now i have a sky base, and one abandoned base that truffle lived in (killed by destroyer, which is why i made a sky base)


Partial photo of my world "ISOT". I honestly don’t know how to take a photo differently. I’m not even sure that I can take a full picture of the world.
Capture 2020-05-16 10_14_29.png

Capture 2020-05-16 10_16_44.png

Capture 2020-05-16 10_21_53.png

Capture 2020-05-16 10_25_16.png
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