PC Post Your 1.3 base here!


I love building spaceships in Terraria :D. It's still a WIP. Oh, and those black blocks are traps. Is there any paint to hide them :/? At least they're invisible at night...


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My lovely castle/village. Now my main issue with it - Where to put a painting gallery?!

Weird, my party house's roof on the right vanished along with red brick walls and palm wood backgrounds... Apparently ingame screenshot maker doesn't like them dyed.


Hello All,

I'm not so creative than a lot of you, so I try to reach a certain degree a efficiency :) More or less :D

A little bit off-topic but here one of my first Terraria base, a long time ago ;) (Before 1.2). I learned and tested a lot of things with it, the most expanded one.
Capture 2015-07-06 19_26_12.png

And the last variation for the 1.3, in WIP status as I'm early in this game. However I try to anticipate some of the basic structure even if I need some new expansion.
Dart defence will be set-up as soon as available :), as Statue systems.
Capture 2015-07-15 18_28_59.png

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I started over for the update, but wanted to gather new materials before building a base. Got sick of being homeless, so cracked down this morning and made myself a weird enclosed ice castle. I'm not totally sold on my wall choices, so any opinions/suggestions are welcome :) .

Capture 2015-07-16 19_15_06.png

Side notes: It doesn't have a functional storage (to my standards at least, lol) but each crafting room has chests containing materials used with the specific crafting stations. The bottom of the cave will be filled with water when it's done, and I'll be adding bridges to either exit.
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My base isn't some great thing because it's a village that i'm making with my friends and the mine is in the center... but i'm making my best for it to be good inside my limitations it still WIP because i need to place some walls, and i can't put the newer image because it is too big, so here is: the newest image that i can put here(don't bother with the wooden house with a dummy it isn't the actual state too)
Capture 2015-07-04 18_52_55.png
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