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I'm a Raptor

Another day, another update (to my town, of course :dryadtongue:).

Bringing to you a new style for a new building (oh boy!)

Due to the lack of Tin I had (accidentally made Tin Bricks instead of Tin Plating, oops) I just painted my Copper Plating. Background may or may not be inspired from a certain thread I've seen on the forums, I will link to the thread when I find it (I feel they should be credited, it looks great!).

However, this is not the only change. My other change is simply undeserving of its own screenshot (or rather it looked stupid on its own), and as such shall be seen in my Town Map.

Simply a bridge. That's all. It needs work (and water).

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EDIT: The link to @CzarnyKasztan's thread found here for the walls on my new building. I highly suggest you check out his builds if you haven't already.

EDIT #2: Also, if you're a stickler for details and feel like wasting some time, snoop around the Town Map images between posts for any changes. I can almost guarantee that minor changes occur between posts.
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Prof Blocks 007

I tend to be quite practical with my bases. I am yet to change around the materials in some of the buildings though. :p

It has a lever to lock down during events. :D



Soooo, here's mine!
It is kinda end-game, becuz well i've killed moon lord once, but this is my first playthrough since the last major update came out `:p
Capture 2015-07-25 03_38_42.png

I'm a Raptor

It's time for you all to see what I did on this lovely Saturday!


So much time spent on this ;-; I think I'm gonna stick to a more traditional style as opposed to this slightly futuristic feel.
Also, this is the furthest to the right I'm gonna go (for now), as I've reached the wall I placed down when I started the world (as you can see below).

Town Map! Some little tweaks, the Dye Trader's home no longer looks so top-heavy, the bridge looks respectable and NPCs have been shuffled around to more appropriate homes (the Mechanic/Clothier don't belong in a shady looking bar). So, here it is, my world thus far.


And, if you've missed a previous post (which I doubt you have since half of them are on the past 2 pages) here's the links to them! (tbh this is more of an OCD thing now...)

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EDIT: May create my own thread soon. I don't want to feel as if I'm flooding this one!


Hi, a update after beat the Skeleton and save the mechanic
It's probably not noticeable but I have extend the 3 first floor by 2 bloc in wide (easy) and 1 in the height (less easy :D) and within keeping all the NPC; more for the fun than a real necessity.
I extended the main working/storage area, built the "statue area, added the 4th floor and create the defence system. By chance the Mechanic was very close to the Dungeon entrance :)
The exit are blocked by 1 main trigger but I can locally by-pass the system.
I have also a classic small mushroom and tree farm in different layer close to the base.
It's a bit a mess for the decoration :D

Bye :)

Capture 2015-07-25 19_37_35.jpg


Usually on my playthroughs i get lazy and make a giant tower for all my npcs while all the crafting stations and chests are outside


Skeletron Prime
Oh boy, here's my new base. Most of the stuff is in progress, but here it is.

Capture 2015-07-26 16_54_47.png

Top Room: Crafting stations, teleporters and my trophy room. Mannequins are there for the Developer Vanity Sets.
Middle Room: A bunch of chests.
Bottom room: Every single armour, Clothing and costumes in the game. Work-In-Progress, of course.

I have more, but I'm going to put them in spoilers. Click them :merchantcool:

Capture 2015-07-26 16_55_28.png

Capture 2015-07-26 16_55_07.png

Capture 2015-07-26 16_56_23.png

Capture 2015-07-26 16_55_40.png

Capture 2015-07-26 16_56_10.png

I also have farms but those are pretty small and not interesting enough to share. :merchantsigh:


This is how my place is looking so far~

for the tree where the dryad/witch doctor and the truffle i had in mind to make a big boreal-looking world tree but as i was working on the roots i changed my mind and decided to leave it as the remainds of a world tree where the dryad made its home and its healing it from the inside.

For the floating islands these caused me a bit of trouble as i was not happy with the results i had everytime i built something there, then i saw this post on Reddit then i liked it and decided to go with this and endeed up like this


Need TONS of help with it, It has rooms for all NPC (not truffle, i dont like the track for the Musroom area, i dont want to mute cause i like the rest of the tracks... Dont remember if already posted. I suck at wiring and building in general, i took the top floors (workshop, storage, practice, herb farm, potion factory) from another map i had, im just too lazy to build them again. I plated my house becuase i mistakenly made some bricks, then i was like ''im gonna finish that becuase why freakin not''. But, i want to overhaul and i need help giving it more of a 'Modern-ish' feel, this is just something i built in about 10 mins. Im taking MSGS from people who would like to help out with that.
Capture 2015-08-08 21_14_50.png


Eye of Cthulhu

I started a new world and started building this new base for my character. I am aiming to achieve a cosmic observatory theme inside the base, inspired by the Clock Town Observatory in Zelda: Majora's Mask. This is a heavy WIP but I am pleased to see my progress so far, especially considering how much of a lifesaver Smooth Granite Blocks are for this type of build.
I am looking at getting the house painted once I get the painter. IMO the devs shouldn't have increased the number of NPCs that are required for the Painter to move in, because that restricts earlygame building.

Edit: Updated.
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