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PC Post Your 1.3 base here!


Official Terrarian
Here's my first 1.3 house:

Inspired by the 1.2 trailer tree house, the top rooms as you can see, I never finished.
And here's the start of my new 1.3 playthrough house:

It's the very start of my new village, got the idea for it from Ethoslab's Terraria village.



Ah memories. This is from the first 1.3 playthrough me, @Shaedric, @Bullseye55, @IDon'tKnowAName, and @Melly the WM had. The cool lake, trees, and crystal caverns was @Shaedric brightening up the farm. Below the desert is a Crimson Base, where @IDon'tKnowAName and @Bullseye55 lived. @Melly the WM and I lived in the odd multi themed home to the right. Some of the stuff is half completed, for example, the "Spaceship" above the desert biome. I stopped working on it, as 1.3 kinda burned out on me. The minecart track leads to both sides of the world, both built by mostly @Shaedric. It was real fun playing with you all. Especially the amazing buildings Shaedric can do, the humor Mellon and Idkan can bring to the table, and the talks on serious stuff Bullseye55 can bring. As well as odd humor from all of us. And me raging. :red:ing solar eclipses man.

@Shaedric's house in the sky:

@Bullseye55 and @IDon'tKnowAName's Crimson Desert Base (I hate the mobs there, but they love it for some reason)

I am prepared to finish all of this eventually, just I am still on a Terraria hiatus.
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This is a ship I built back in 1.1 with the idea to stuff it full of all my gear/loot/blocks and then when 1.2 came out I would Tedit it into a 1.2 world. I never did play 1.2, I only got back into playing Terraria a month or two ago. I was able to Tedit this into a new 1.3 world so this is now my 1.3 base of operations. The ship itself is as it was in 1.1, I've just been exploring and playing quite a bit and adding new chests and crafting stations to the interior as I find them.

I am building homes for my NPCs first after which I will build a new base of operations somewhere on the mainland. Then I will update the ship to 1.3 standards (it looks a bit plain these days) and likely make it into an arena/event farm.


Melly the WM

Official Terrarian
Boring old hotel with chests, trophies, banners, crafting stations and teleporter hub leading to actual interesting NPC houses

Guide House:

Nurse House:

Steampunker House:

Truffle House:

Cyborg House: (WIP)

Cool! What I would add to the Steampunker house are some windows. They look cool underwater. ;)



My first attempt at building something huge and fancy... still very much in progress. I built it on top of a hill where the forest and snow biomes meet, hence the material shift halfway through. The eastern entrance is replicated from someone else's work and then I continued in the same style for the ice side. I started this new world to practice building, but brought some materials over from another world that I had been playing for a while. Still I collected it all by hand ;) Still waiting to find more sky chests so I can finish filling in my storage/crafting room. Also need more rooms for NPCs to move into.

The large cavern on the right is going to become a Jungle biome with a small lake, maybe a hive, and eventually a hut for the Witch Doctor to live in.

(Also it seems like the picture won't enlarge to 1:1, when I post an update I'll try to fix that)

James Harrow

Empress of Light
My base is probably bigger than anything on this thread, but it's not even half finished and I don't really want to post anything unfinished. :/
Mine has been a work in progress for a while, I just work on it when I feel up to it. This place functions as storage for all of the worlds I've made and wanted to delete, I just go in and clean out anything good from the world before I delete it.


Here's my base, the hard to see area is a daybloom farm, and the pipe at the bottom leads to my world spanning sewers.
Capture 2016-02-09 20_52_46.png
I managed to make a base that houses all 22 NPCs (including santa) contain all crafting stations and have plenty of storage (43 chests) in a footprint of only 56 x 22. (plus glowing mushroom biome/farm for truffle)


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