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Eye Of Cthulhu🌳

Eye of Cthulhu
I wanna make a thread where anyone and everyone can show their different game loadouts!
So im making this thread!
Heres my Clash Mini loadout, to start:
Here's my Pokemon BDSP team/loadout!
  • Infernape, Level 68, Holds a Flame Plate
  • Floatzel, Level 66, Holds an Amulet Coin
  • Roserade, Level 67, Holds a Cleanse Tag
  • Staraptor, Level 69, Holds a Razor Claw
  • Lucario, Level 65, Holds a Shell Bell. Sometimes replaced with a Level 61 Garchomp.
  • Raichu, Level 75, Holds a Lucky Egg
I have 8 badges and I am struggling with Cynthia.
Rocket slime: (tank battle crew)
Flancisco (he's overpowered just by actually doing nothing and not moving)
Mama Mia (extremely overpowered, and for the same reason too)
Goosashi (Not overpowered but still useful, and also for the same reason)

Bloons TD 6: (How I beat most maps in CHIMPS)
Sauda, Super Brittle, Primary Expertise, and Super Glue.

World of Final Fantasy: (non-competitive)
Ignore all other team members and just make sure Behemonster is on the team, it is that broken. Bahamut is good for backup if you need several enemies killed at once, so it doesn't hurt to bring him too.

Miitopia: (how I beat the super final dungeon on Switch)
Cleric, Elf, Tank, and Pop Star.
Nightcap is my main on PvZ: Battle for Neighborville, and is the first character I got to Grandmaster, and first to Grandmaster 5. I have fleet-footed (move faster) and shadow sling (teleport) upgrades equipped, along with Luminous Fungus outfit, Moonlight Fighter (Black) headpiece, and the Night-Sprinkles bowtie and back item.

In games like PvZ:BfN (FPS/TPS games, RPGs and such) I'm always one to cherish mobility and agility. I have naturally fast reflexes when it comes to gaming, so playing a fast-paced plant like Nightcap comes quite easily for me. I'm great at dodging and weaving, and Nightcap's massively damaging Fung Fu is great for sneak attacks. Fleet-Footed also helps with this - normally you can't jump while using Fung Fu, and you'll move slower, but Fleet-Footed allows you to jump and move at normal walkspeed while using Fung Fu; combined with Fleet-Footed's existing movespeed bonus!

Nightcap's other two abilities:

Shadow Sneak: Turns you invisible with increased movespeed for a short time, can't shoot while active. Shadow Sling affects this, making you teleport in the direction you're walking when you use Shadow Sneak. t's short distance, but great for dodging Brainium Basher and other dash moves. Also useful for catching up to fast enemies. (ugh i hate brainium)

Casting Shadows: A throwable bubble thingy, that when it lands, it will scramble enemy controls if an enemy is in the bubble, and any allies in the bubble have increased firerate and movespeed, and are invisible. Great for sneaking up on enemies and preventing their escape; usually only dash attacks can avoid this when combined with Fung Fu.


Nightcap's Primary Weapon: Spore Strike

SS is great for medium range offense, as it has infinite pierce and can deal 18 damage (health usually ranges from 75 to about 200), so it's great for small crowd control and sneak attacks. It has a fast firerate and 20 ammo, so you can usually easily drain an enemy's health in seconds.

My only issue with SS is its projectile curve. Over long distances, the projectile has a very noticeable gravity curve which is extremely difficult to account for; I suppose this is fair though, as it's intended as a close-to-medium-range weapon.

(sorry for the ramble, have fun reading :naughty: )
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I don't buy DLCs, I'm just saying that's my loadout. (I have the Minor debuff, so I have nothing in my loadout)
haha you know you can remove the Minor debuff by aging, right? i already got rid of that and i'm now only stuck with the mandatory Young Adult status effect
but then again, it's a lot easier if you have the Creative! and Intelligent! DLCs. i equipped both... but i think there's a parity issue between them - i'm now permanently stuck with the "Lack of Common Sense" debuff
i still get all the affinities and perma-buffs tho, fortunately
just be careful, you never know what might be improperly balanced
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