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for Risk of Rain 2, i main as Engineer with all three alts equipped; that's the default Grenades (please i need an alt for this they're terrible to use), the alt secondary is Spider Mines (spamming them with backup mag is hilarious), the alt utility is Thermal Harpoons (pretty much tracking micromissiles but only four of them, great for flying enemies GO AWAY WISPS UGH), and the alt special is the Carboniser Turrets; they're great BECAUSE THEY MOVEEEEE
while the default immobile turrets are good and synergise with bustling fungus (i swear i'm not the bungus addict type of engineer) the carboniser turrets work well with bomber builds and have slightly more damage and attack speed, while having shorter range they can also move

also it's really funny just spamming goat hooves and red whips and watch them fly around the map lmao
if pokemon teams count, then currently on leafgreen i have mankey, beedrill, spearow, bulbasaur, pikachu and pidgey. i forgot how long it takes to grind in this game, and my modern pokemon "get all six asap" instincts kicked in. im 7 hours in and only beat brock so far lmao
update, off to the seafoam islands, and currently i have a beedrill, primape, vaporeon (i needed protection from fire, ESPECIALLY for blaine) venusaur, pikachu and pidgeot. funny how little my team has changed besides removing fearow. since vaporeon has bite and beedrill is beedrill, nd i always fight koga before sabrina, i got majorly pwned by koga and then sweeped sabrina's whole gym. wish me luck on articuno!!
Mass effect 3 multiplayer maxed out character


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Been playing some more hollow knight recently. Finally finished beating every boss on Radiant difficulty (where they one shot you, so you need to no-hit).
Here's the charm loadout I used for most of the fights: Quick Slash, Unbreakable Strength, Shaman Stone, Steady Body, and overcharm with Mark of Pride (since you die in 1 hit, overcharming effectively doesn't have a downside here). Some of the fights (like Markoth) used vastly different loadouts but most of them were some variation on this one.

Also picked up speedrunning 112% all pantheon bosses, and I use a similar loadout for the pantheon of hallownest that you finish the run by doing. Only difference is that I swap Mark of Pride for Grubsong as I'm not quite insane enough to do pantheons while overcharmed (which makes you take double damage).
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