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Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by Lyven, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Lyven

    Lyven Terrarian

    -Has a 0.00001% to be dropped by any mob in a normal biome
    -Heals you by 60 HP and 20 MP
    -Can be thrown, which deals 35 Damage (Right Click to throw to an enemy)
    -Can be placed in the ground, which grows like pumpkins over time (Left Click to place on the ground)

    Potato Gun
    -Uses Potatos as ammo
    -Damage: 160, Attack Speed: Average, Crititcal Hit Chance: 22%
    -Has a 0.1% to be dropped by any mob killed using any potato weapon

    Magical Potato
    Uses 6 Mana per shot
    -Damage, 100, Attack Speed, Insanely Fast, Very Weak Knockback, 15% Critical Hit Chance
    -Has a 0.1% to be dropped by any mob killed using any potato weapon

    Potato Fries
    -Summons a Potato that shoots French Fries at the enemy
    -Very innacurate, but makes up for fast DPS and big damage (80 Damage)

    Mashed Potato
    -A more healthy version of a potato
    -Heals you by 150 HP and 150 MP
    -To make, simply craft it in a furnance. Uses 2 potatos for 1 Mashed Potato

    Giant Potato
    has a rare chance (2%) to drop when harvesting a fully grown potato patch
    -Used to craft armor and weapons

    Suspicious Looking Potato
    Summons the Holy Potato Event
    Has a 0.5% chance of dropping when harvesting a fully grown potato patch

    Potato Helmet
    -20 Defence, 30% increased damage when using Potato-based weapons
    -Craft: 360 Potatos, 10 Giant Potato

    Potato Breastplate
    -35 Defence, 30% increased critical hit chance when using Potato-based weapons
    -Craft: 720 Potatos, 18 Giant Potato

    Potato Leggings
    -25 Defence, 30% chance not to consume potatos when using it as ammo or throwing it
    -Craft, 540 Potatos, 14 Giant Potato

    Set Bonus: If damaged, throws 20 magical potatos outside of your body randomly around, dealing 30 damage for each potato

    Total Bonus (Set bonus not included): 80 Defence, 30% Increased damage, 30% Increased Critical Hit Chance, 30% Chance not to consume ammo ONLY when using potatos as a damaging weapon

    Potato Sword
    -Damage: 180, Autoswing, Fast Swing, Strong Knockback, 12% critical chance
    -Craft: 800 Potatos, 8 Giant Potatos

    Potato Pickaxe
    -Damage: 100, Fast Swing, Average Knockback, 230% Mining Power
    -Craft: 600 Potatos, 6 Giant Potatos

    Potato Hamaxe
    -Damage: 120, Fast Swing, Very StrongKnockback, 110% Hammer Power, 130% Axe Power

    Holy Potato Event
    This event can be said to be on par in terms of difficulty with the Lunar Events. The sun and moon will be replaced with a glowing potato with a halo on top and a dark violet hue potato respectively should the event be activated in said times. If a rain is occuring at the time, potatos will constantly fall instead of regular rain. Like other summon events, this cancles any event currently happening.

    The event progresses at a daily/nightly manner. When the day or night ends, and you fail to meet the requirements, the score will restart to zero, and will proceed to continue until you have succesfully defeated said event, or it expires after 1 Ingame week.
    Points before boss is summoned: 100
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  2. Lyven

    Lyven Terrarian

    Potato Slime
    -A slime that looks like a potato
    -30 Defence, 80 Damage, 300 HP
    -1 Point

    Birded Potato
    -A potato that flies. Nuff said.
    -20 Defence, 50 Damage, 200 HP
    -1 Point

    Eater of Potatos
    -A mob similiar to the Eater of Worlds, but in a miniaturized form.
    -Head: 40 Defence, 120 Damage, 180 HP
    -Body: 60 Defence, 40 Damage, 180 HP
    -Tail: 50 Defence, 80 Damage, 180 HP
    Total Size: 10
    -Point: .5 (each body part, totaling this mob, should you kill all parts, 5 points)

    -A tree-like entity. Like a tree ent, but in potato form.
    -Shoots Potatos at you, and can hit you using its branches (Imagine Mourning Wood a bit more human-like in potato form)
    -75 Defence, 160 Damage (Ranged), 250 Damage (Melee), 2,000 HP
    -Points: 8

    -A normal, evil potato. The most common mob
    -Defence: 30, Damage: 60, 150 HP
    -Points: .2

    Day: If points reaches to 100, summons the Daylight Potato (Basically the "Sun" Potato, but in enlarged form.) The sun will be absent, and your character will be infliced by blindness debuff allthrough out the boss fight.

    Daylight Potato
    -The day boss. Beat him before night comes!
    -Health: 500,000 HP
    By touch: 100 Damage. Inflicts the "His Holiness" Debuff (Making you unable to regenerate mana and health for 8 seconds. Healing using a potion removes this debuff and does not heal you. Pickups also disable this debuff)
    By Thrown Potatos: 200 Damage
    By French Fries: 180 Damage
    By Mashed Cloud: 150 Damage
    Defence: 80

    This boss attacks you by constantly trying to bash you, then going away from you, shooting Potatos at you. At times, itll zip fast left to right trying to rain French Fries at you. Itll also constantly leave a Mashed Cloud.

    Defeating this Mob drops the following:
    Daylight Potato Gun (20%)
    -Homes in on Mobs
    -Deals 150 Damage, Average Speed, Average Knockback, 22% Critical Hit chance

    Potato Halo (20%)
    -Magic weapon that uses 6 Mana per shot
    -Sends in a curved french fries towards the enemy
    -Deals 180 Damage, Fast Speed, Weak Knockback, 15% Critical Hit Chance

    Shimmering Potato(20%)
    -Melee Weapon
    -Deals 250 Damage, Average Speed, Strong Knockback, 12% Critical Hit Chance
    -Also summons a Daily Potato that deals 150 Damage

    Daylight Summoner(20%)
    -Summons a mini Daylight Potato, with its corresponding attacks.
    -Touch deals 20 Damage, Thrown Potatoes deal 50 Damage, French Fries deal 40 Damage and Mashed cloud deals 35 Damage

    Enlightened Potatos (20%)
    -When damaged, leaves a cloud of toxic gasses that deals 80 Damage. Lasts for 5 seconds before dissipating. Also gives you everlasting bright glow as long as you wear it.

    Daylight Potato Trophy (10%)

    Giant Potatos (6-18) 100%
    Potatos (100-300) 100%

    Possesed Potato
    -A pale slightly blue potato
    -Defence: 20, Attack: 200, 120 HP
    Points: 1.5

    Rotten Potatos
    -Potatos that spread around a cloud of toxic gas, dealing 220 Damage
    -Defence: 40, 80 HP
    Points: 1

    Potato Seeker
    -A potato that constantly rams the player
    -Defence: 80, Attack: 100, 250 HP
    Points: 2

    Spectral Potato
    -A pixie like mob
    -Defence: 80, Attack: 80, 180 HP
    Points: 1

    Arch Potato
    -An advanced stronger potato
    -Defence: 100, Attack: 120, 300 HP
    Points: 3

    Night: If points reaches to 100, summons the Nightly Potato. While fighting, you will alaways be inflicted the Ichor Debuff.

    Nightly Potato
    HP: 500,000
    Touch: 100 (Deals the "Eternal Darkness Debuff", which makes you slower by 50% and causes blindness by 4 seconds)
    Cooking Oil: 150
    Ketchup: 40 (Inflicts the Slowness debuff regardless of immunity as long as you are touching the ketchup)
    Cheese Powder: 180

    This boss constantly dashes around you. Then it stops and hovers around you throwing around Cooking Oil rains (Kind of like nimbus rods). Itll also constantly cover the terrain with ketcup, and like the Daylight Potato Boss, constantly leaves a cloud of deadly Cheese Powder.

    Defeating this boss drops the following:

    Ketchup Bottle (20%)
    -Ranged weapon
    -Deals 40 damage, and covers the land in ketchup for up to 8 seconds, giving the same bonuses. Also slows enemy when hit, regardless of immunity.
    -Slow speed
    (Drops along with 10-20 Ketchup Paste. You can buy more from the party girl if you have the weapon in your inventory)
    -22% Critical Hit Chance

    Cheese Dust (20%)
    -Magic weapon that uses 20 Mana per use
    -Deals 120 Damage, and causes a cloud of cheese to appear. Dissipates after 4 seconds.
    -15% Critical Hit Chance

    Nightly Summon(20%)
    -Attacks like the Nightly Potato Boss, but in a miniature form.
    -Touch deals 20 Damage, Cooking Oil does 40 Damage, Ketchup does 5 Damage, and Cheese Powder deals 50 Damage

    -A melee weapon
    -Deals 180 Damage, Very Fast Swing, ad Strong Knockback. Sends a night potato which deals 120 Damage
    -12% Critical Hit Chance

    -Summons a Possesed Potato that helps and fights for you. Also summons 5 Homing Nightly Potatos that deal 40 Damage when damaged.

    Nightly Potato Trophy: 10%
    Giant Potato: (6-18) 100%
    Potatos (100-300) 100%

    All mobs during the event has a 100% chance to drop 2-6 potatos upon their death.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2015
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  3. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Terrarian

    Always have cursed inferno? That seems a bit, extreme. Good idea, but I cant tell if this is hardmode or prehardmode. The weapons make me think prehardmode, but the armor says turtle tier. You might want to fix this.
  4. Lyven

    Lyven Terrarian

    I know. Its meant to be hardmode, but all this is accessible prehardmode. I thought that potatos are very rare, and even then, takes time to craft the whole set, you might as well better spend your time progressing into hardmode than working on farming potatos over and over.
  5. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Terrarian

    Still, if some is lucky enough... they can get this straight out and cheese everything. You might want to remove the cursed inferno all the time, and make it a random chance of occurring every minute. (25%)
  6. Lyven

    Lyven Terrarian

    The chance of getting a potato from a mob is literally 1/100,000.
    If RGN plays well on them, well lucky then. Ive put enough thought that by the time you have gotten a potato, you have probably defeated the plantera with the same time you have put into getting the potato. If people still thinks its an easy way to cheese prehardmode, i might make this one available only in hardmode then. They are rare for a reason.
    About the cursed inferno, I just checked it up. I was thinking of the Ichor Debuff. My misake on that part, and im changing it.
  7. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Rarity does not define power. No support.

    Also, it generally just doesn't seem canon to terraria's style.
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  8. Seeker

    Seeker Eater of Worlds

    I think its spelled "Potatoes"
  9. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    What... What Is This? Just Potato? `-_-
    For All I Care, Just Make The Freakin' Moon Lord A Freakin' Potato.
    I See No Reason To Lend My Support. I Probably Should Word This Better But I Still Don't Know How...
  10. GoldM

    GoldM Golem

    moonpotato.png Now that's a suggestion I support.
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  11. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    Potatoes, huh? Alright then...

    The thing about randomness is that you can't predict it, one person could get extremely lucky and get the rare drop in the first 10 minutes while someone else could beat the entire game 5 times and not even know that the rare drop exists.

    Edit: wait, hold on. How do I eat a potato if right click throws it and left click plants it?
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2015
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  12. Lyven

    Lyven Terrarian

    Actually, thats the thing. I wanted it to be unpredictable, to make it such an exciting find. If people really have a problem with it, ill just increase the drop rate and make it only available for hardmode, but since the purity is going to be overtaken by hallow and negative biomes, finding potatos given enough time, will be hard (unless a farm is made, oviously)

    Anyways, honestly, i dont really know how PC works. I only play the mobile version :3
    Prpbably by merely double clicking the item allows you to eat it?
  13. DarkWolf658

    DarkWolf658 Terrarian

    Heres a thought, how about we make it dropped by Red Devils or Lava Bats after Plantera and change rarity to 5%? Then the tooltip can be: "It sure is hot!"

    This solves the cheese the game issue, and also the rarity issue.
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