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Powder Tweaks

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Well yeah, the name is a WIP.

So hi. You're probably wondering why you decided to read this suggestion. Because it's there. That's why. Anyways, I'm going to flesh this out more than any of my other suggestions, because the idea has potential to be included into the game.
Vile Powder. Creating Corruption wherever it is found, and does evil things to the poor nice Hallow.
But there's no Crimson counterpart. That, my friend is a problem. There's a fifty percent chance of having a Crimson world, yet there's no destruction-spreading, Crimson-promoting evil powder of blood and death? So here we go.

Crimsonic Powder.
1 Vertebra makes 5 Crimsonic Powder. It can be sold for 20

Now for the mechanics.
When thrown on Hallow, it reduces it to Purity. This is canceling out the 'Goodness' of the Hallow.
When thrown on Corruption, it changes to Purity. This is two 'evils' canceling each other out.

Now for the special part.
This tweak which will affect Vile Powder, Crimsonic Powder, Purification Powder, and Holy Water.
When thrown on Corruption, Vile Powder will spawn an Eater of Souls or a Devourer at the edge of the powder burst.
Crimsonic Powder will spawn a
Blood Crawler, a
Face Monster, or a
Purification will spawn a Zombie at night and a Blue Slime by day.
Holy Water will spawn a
Pixie or a
Unicorn by day and a Gastropod by night.

Before you say it, yes this does represent a farming thing. That's what it's to be used for. To farm the powders is well worth spawning five enemies.
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