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    Ever wanted to be a Mechanical Boss?
    Too bad, you don't get to.
    You can pretend to, though.
    This suggestion basically add a whole "Tier" of items all linked to the Mechanical Bosses, including:

    • Armor (which is supposed to be stronger than at least Hallowed Armor),
    • Weapons, the majority of which are incredibly powerful and difficult to obtain, and
    • Accessories, including a Grappling Hook and something that transforms one of the weapons.

    For Starters, everything in this suggestion is exclusive to Expert Mode, since every item requires a piece of the Mechanical Mine cart, which the Mech Bosses only drop in Expert Mode.
    It's better this way since this armor is pretty powerful when the full set is worn.


    Power Equipment - Weapons

    Rarity: Rainbow

    Red Text indicates stat changes due to wearing a specific head armor.


    Crafted with the Arkhalis, the Megashark, 25 Souls of Might, 25 Souls of Fright, 25 Hallowed Bars and a Mechanical Battery.
    "Holy crap, how are we supposed to make this if the Arkhalis is literally the 2nd rarest weapon in the game?!"
    That's the idea. This thing is immensely powerful and attacks extremely fast (seeing the 2 weapons needed for this are extremely fast hitters), so the rarity kinda balances it out. So does the cost in materials.
    The sword has 50% more reach than the Arkhalis and attacks 70% faster, and does no knockback and can't crit. The sword launches waves (like the Flying Dragon that Betsy drops, but silver-colored) which fly out a random distance from 5 to 8 blocks before dissipating. They can pierce infinitely (as does the sword), but it can't go through blocks. When the full set of Power Armor is on with the Power Helmet, the sword waves will be able to through walls and travel twice as far, and the sword can deal knockback.
    Type: Weapon
    DMG: 75 (Melee)
    KB: 0 (None)/
    6 (Average)
    CRIT Chance: None
    Use Time: 8 (Insanely Fast)
    Velocity: 15/
    Tooltip: 'Half shark-gun, Half sword, Completely ravenous.'
    15 25


    Crafted with the Venus Magnum, the Laser Machine Gun, the Gatlingator, 50 Souls Of Fright, 25 Hallowed Bars, a Mechanical Battery and Mechanical Wheels.
    THIS baby is what inspired this thread.
    Look at it.
    LOOK AT IT and TELL ME it isn't the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.
    This gun is an auto-firing gun that shoots with pinpoint accuracy, as well as with an extremely fast speed, and has a little secret to it which we'll get to in a bit. After firing the thing for 3 seconds in a row, a "Substitute" of you appears a block in front on your player that uses the exact same gear as you and is completely blackened out, save for red eyes. The Substitute fires at the same rate and does the same damage, but is as inaccurate as the Gatlingator. The substitute can act as a shield, taking damage just like you would (though it takes no knockback and only has half your health), though if it ends up dying, you can't respawn it for a whole minute. The Substitute has the equipment, buffs/debuffs and HP you had when you summoned it, and changing any of yours won't change the Substitute's (So preferably spawn the guy in when using a Lifeforce Potion).
    With the
    Red Prism, this gun becomes a powerful laser blaster, which I've dubbed the Prime Blaster.


    It shoots a giant red laser, like the Charged Blaster Cannon's full charge, but you can actually aim it in the same manner as the Last Prism. The gun consumes bullets at an insane rate, but the damage is rapid and extremely high. The Substitute's laser does the same damage, which can make your combined DPS insane, though their laser is as inaccurate as the Minishark.

    Bullets like Meteor, Crystal and Chlorophyte will NOT affect the laser. The laser can still inflict debuffs, though.
    In both forms, the Substitute will copy the direction you aim at, and will NOT aim at your mouse.
    With the Active Power Mask, the gun has an added 20% chance to not consume ammo, and the Substitute now has 100% of your HP.

    Type: Weapon
    DMG: 40/
    40/50 (Ranged)
    50% chance to not consume ammo/
    +20% chance to not consume ammo/0% chance to not consume ammo. Substitute also uses bullets.
    KB: 7 (Strong Knockback)
    CRIT Chance: 1%
    Use Time: 6 (Insanely Fast)/
    3 (Insanely Fast)
    Velocity: 15
    Tooltip: Shoot with your bad self.
    [​IMG] Substitute (While firing)
    Buff Tooltip: You're fighting at your side.

    Debuff: [​IMG] Forever Alone (60 seconds)
    Debuff Tooltip: Cannot respawn your Substitute.

    Sell: 8


    Crafted with the Ice Rod, 25 Souls of Sight, 25 Souls of Might, 25 Hallowed Bars, 100 Gel and Mechanical Wheels.
    This staff is pretty much the Ice Rod but it can also immobilize enemies for long periods of time. Instead of Ice Blocks, this staff shoots Tape Blocks, which act like Honey Blocks when touched, which last for 20 seconds.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] If the block hits an enemy before it actually places, the projectile wraps around the enemy for 4-8 seconds (the larger the enemy, the longer it takes), dealing 50 damage every second, completely immobilizing the enemy for at least 5 seconds, up to 10 (the smaller the enemy, the longer they'll be bound for). Bosses cannot be bound, for obvious reasons, but they'll still take damage from the Binding debuff. Always does the exact damage stated on the weapon. Cannot fire if there is a tape block currently summoned, so aim your tape well.
    If you don the Power Armor with the Power Eye on your head, however, all limitations are gone. You can place as many blocks are you want, Mana cost is lowered, use time is significantly lowered and the blocks fly as fast as the Ice Rod's.
    Type: Weapon
    DMG: 50 (Magic, always does stated damage)
    Mana: 20/
    CRIT Chance: 15%
    Use Time: 50 (Snail)/
    8 (Insanely Fast)
    Velocity: 6/12
    Tooltip: Your enemies'll be in a bind when you arrive with this.
    Debuff: [​IMG] Binding (4-8 seconds, depends on the size of the enemy)

    Debuff Tooltip: You're being bound.
    Debuff: [​IMG] Bound (5-10 seconds, depends on the size of the enemy)
    Debuff Tooltip: You're in a bind now.


    Crafted with 50 Souls of Light, 50 Souls of Dark, 25 Souls of Might, 25 Souls of Fright, 25 Souls of Sight, 25 Souls of Flight, 25 Light Shards, 25 Dark Shards, 25 Hallowed Bars and 1 Mechanical Battery.
    OH BOY. That is straight-up 200 Souls.
    I'll give you a lil' bit to guess what this thing does.

    It clones you.
    All the same stats. Everything.
    The clone lasts 3 minutes, replicating every move you make to a T. When you summon it, it'll have all the equipment, buffs, debuffs, Health and Mana you had upon summoning the clone. Clones will swing and fire at the same time as you, and it won't require any extra ammo and Mana (If you run out of ammo and make more, though, the clone will still be out). The clone can even summon its OWN minions when you use a summon staff, if you're wearing the Power Headgear along with the full Power Armor.
    Here's the thing, though.
    If the Clone dies, the other copy becomes the real deal, like the Double Cherry from Super Mario 3D World. After that happens, you need to wait 2 in-game days (so 48 actual minutes) until you can summon a new clone. The Enchanted Sundial WILL speed things up, if you decide to use it. You can't summon more than 1 clone, no matter what Summoner armor you're wearing.
    The wait time for the respawn is also cut in half, though, if the Clone dies while you're wearing the Power Armor with the Power Headgear. And Clones won't spawn with any Debuffs you had, so cheating death is even easier now.
    And, uh, Mana Cost is cut in half.
    If your clone just despawns after 3 minutes, though, you can summon him again after another 3 minutes.
    Type: Weapon
    Mana: All/
    Use Time: Snail (100)
    Damage: Summon
    + Whatever you're using
    Can summon minions as well.

    "Minion" Stats: Yours
    "Minion" Equipment: Yours
    Tooltip: I think one of you is enough.
    Buff: [​IMG] Beside Yourself (Or at least until one of you die)
    Buff Tooltip: You fight at your own side.
    1% chance of instead being: Oh, good, now there's two of you.
    [​IMG] Unstable (3 minutes/90 seconds if the clone lives, 48 minutes/24 minutes if it dies)
    Debuff Tooltip: Can't clone yourself.
    Sell: 1


    Crafted with the Bone Glove, the Ale Tosser, 25 Souls of Might, 25 Souls of Sight, 25 Hallowed Bars and a Mechanical Battery.
    Hey, would ya look at that, a Hardmode Throwing weapon!
    In Expert Mode...
    This is an extremely powerful glove.
    It can throw any Throwable weapon.
    This glove doubles their travel distance, TRIPLES their damage and QUADRUPLES their Pierce.

    And if you wear the full set of Power Armor while wearing the Power Helmet, it throws two projectiles at once. The Power Mask gives you a 30% chance of throwing 2 projectiles, a 20% chance of throwing 3, and a 10% chance of throwing 4. Extra projectiles' velocities are either upped or lowered by 15-40%
    Also, this glove can throw bones like the Bone Glove, and throws Ale, too.
    Last thing, the Power Helmet and Mask ups the CRIT chance.

    25% chance to not consume ammo.
    If you equip the
    Red Prism while using this, any thrown projectiles leave behind red after-images that linger for half a second, which deal the same amount of damage as the initial projectile.
    Type: Weapon
    DMG: 75
    Triples Ammo damage
    KB: 4 (Weak Knockback)
    CRIT Chance: 12%/
    36% Power Helmet, 60% Power Mask (CRIT bonuses from Accessories are applied afterwards, armor bonuses are applied beforehand)
    Use Time: 18
    Velocity: 300%
    Tooltip: Throws anything at full force.


    The Red Prism

    Sold for 25 Gold by the Steampunker while wearing the whole set of Power Armor with the Power Mask.
    Equipping this Accessory will grant the Substitute Machine Gun the ability to fire a red laser, similar to that of the Charged Blaster Cannon, that you can aim freely, albeit with -33% Weapon turn speed.
    The Prime Glove also makes projectiles leave red after-images that linger for half a second.
    Type: Accessory
    Tooltip: Powers up the Substitute Machine Gun and Throw Glove
    Rarity: Light Red

    The Vice Hook

    Crafted with a Skeletron Hand, 15 Hallowed Bars, 15 Souls of Fright and a Mechanical Battery.
    This hook can latch on to both blocks and enemies, latching on to enemies like the Piranha Gun's piranha. The initial latch hurts, but it won't deal anymore damage unless you repeatedly hook the enemy, which would most likely end up with you pulling yourself into the enemy, taking damage.
    Type: Tool
    Reach: 33
    Velocity: 18
    Damage: 88
    Hooks: 4
    Latching: Simultaneous
    Sell: 19


    Power Armor

    Well this armor pretty much describes itself.
    I have redone all the sprites in this thread and then some, and they all look really sweet. `:cool:
    All the Armor here took me around 90 minutes to sprite, tops.
    The head armors sell for 28 Gold, the chestplate sells for 44, and the skates sell for 32 80.

    (DISCLAIMER: The armor never actually looks like this with the full set)
    Power Helmet (Inactive)

    Crafted with 30 Souls of Might, 15 Hallowed Bars, a Mechanical Battery and The Destroyer's Mask.
    This helmet is the Melee/Throwing head armor. This Helmet's strength rivals that of the Destroyer itself.

    +24 DEF

    +15% Melee DMG
    +20% Weapon Size
    +15% increased Melee CRIT Chance

    Crafted with 30 Souls of Fright, 15 Hallowed Bars, a Mechanical Battery and Skeletron Prime's Mask.
    This mask is the Ranged/Throwing head armor. Resembling Skeletron Prime, it's definitely the toughest of the three.

    +32 DEF
    +15% Ranged and Throwing damage
    +10% Ranged CRIT chance
    +1 Projectile Pierce

    Crafted with 30 Souls Of Sight, 15 Hallowed Bars, a Mechanical Battery and The Twins' Mask.
    This, uh, eye, is the Magic/Summoner head armor. It's as flexible as The Twins themselves.
    +8 DEF
    +140 Mana
    +50% Mana Regeneration rate
    +17% Magic and Minion DMG
    +20% Velocity and Minion Speed

    Crafted with 10 Souls of Might, Sight, and Fright, 30 Hallowed Bars and A Mechanical Wagon Piece.
    This breastplate resembles Skeletron Prime's arms. When inactive, only the Saw and Vice are present.
    +28 DEF
    +10% DMG
    30% Thorns Effect

    Crafted with 10 Souls of Might, Sight, and Flight, 22 Hallowed Bars and Mechanical Wheels.
    The Mechanical Wheels are used for skates, which allow you speed up faster.

    +16 DEF
    +5% DMG
    +10% Movement Speed

    +33% Faster Movement Acceleration
    THAT'S how the armor looks like with the full set. A lot cooler, no?
    (The red bits on the armor, not including the back of The Twins' eye, glow in the dark)


    The Powered-up head of the Destroyer.
    New Stats:
    +26 DEF
    Shoots Mechanical Minecart Lasers at enemies above you.
    Sharkalis's beams go through walls and travel twice as far
    Sharkalis can deal knockback
    Prime Glove throws more projectiles every throw
    +24% Prime Glove CRIT chance

    The Powered-up head of Skeletron Prime.

    +34 DEF
    40% Thorns Effect
    +100% Substitute HP
    +20% chance to not consume ammo for Substitute Machine Gun and Prime Blaster

    Prime Glove throws more projectiles every throw
    +48% Throw Glove CRIT chance
    +2 Projectile Pierce

    The Powered-up gross, disgusting merged eye of The Twins.
    +10 DEF

    Shoots Death Lasers at nearby enemies in front of you
    +17% Thorns Effect
    Removes all limits on the Stiff Staff
    Clones don't deal summon damage only anymore
    Clones can summon their own minions
    Halves Clone respawn time

    The Powered-up Breastplate. The Laser and Cannon are now fully functional.
    +30 DEF

    60% Thorns Effect
    Shoots Prime Bombs at enemies in front of you which act like Grenades
    Shoots Death Lasers at enemies behind you

    The Powered-up Skates. These things are crazy fast now.
    +18 DEF
    Movement Acceleration is instant

    +14% Movement Speed
    While moving at full speed, flames are produced on blocks under you, which causes those blocks to inflict Burning on enemies while standing on them. You also gain the ability to dash through enemies, dealing 45 damage and taking none yourself while still running uninterrupted.
    +6 EXTRA DEF
    60%/100% Thorns Effect
    Double Thorns damage
    Red Armor Glow
    Power Weapons are boosted
    Armor Lasers and Bombs
    Instant Movement Acceleration
    +14% Movement Speed
    Flames are produced on the ground as you run
    Ability to dash through enemies
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