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Drawings & Paintings ppower arts


ppower arts banner 2018.png

Hello, and welcome to my Art Thread!
I'm ppowersteef, A guy who enjoys making artwork in a cartoon-ish style.
I currently use Medibang Paint Pro and a Wacom Tablet since early 2016.
I was a previously a Paint.net and mouse user.
I started doing Terraria before I had proper art experience, so please take that in mind when looking at my first drawings.
Click on the thumbnails to show it's full view!


Terraria related drawings that usually shows a biome or boss, or both.
(Artwork is in order from oldest to most recent)
Plantera thumb.pngdestroyer thumb.pngunderground corruption thumb.pnghallow thumb.pngriding dirty thumb.pngPumpkin moon thumb.pngfrost moon thumb.pngSolar Eclipse thumb.pngBoC thumbnail.png1.3 lunar.pngVortex Invasion.pngmoon lord.pngThe depths of the Desert.pngFloating Islands thumb.pngJungle Warrior.pngMechanic Valentine.pngsitting under a tree.pngStylist.pngHot and Cold.pngTerraria Evolution of Armors.pngHoney Glazed Nageru.pngTerraria All Armors.png
Also known as Plantera, My first fanart of Terraria
plantera art.png
because the destroyer was my second favorite boss.
Corruptors looks cool, so I was drawing one, and directly also the whole biome.
underground corruption.png
because I've made an underground corruption, There's also need for an surface hallow.
The scene is like that I've just beaten the wall of flesh, and this was the first thing I saw when reaching surface
(assuming I didn't used a magic mirror for reasons)
So I saw the Luigi's Death Stare meme all over the place, i felt like i needed to make this:
riding dirty.png
Featuring all pumpkin moon monsters (except scarecrow), CoolgerbenX and me
Pumpkin moon.png
featuring all frost moon monsters, and all my OC's of 2014, going into a heavy battle
frost moon.png
Crowno's Eclispe spoiler inspired me to make a drawing of it.
Featuring Szgamer227 and my OC Trex.
Solar Eclipse.png
Based on This Screenshot
It was a fun time to play with Artigit.
Along with all the characters I've used in several playthroughs
1.3 lunar.png
Currently my favorite invasion out of all new invasions of 1.3
Also with OC's from @Milt69466 and @DG-VR.
Vortex Invasion.png
Angel Steef versus the Moon Lord.
Inspired by a Castlevania cover
moon lord.png
My entry for the TCF's first aniversary contest:
The depths of the Desert.png
I liked to try drawing the Jungle armor with a lot of Jungle equipement.
Jungle Warrior.png
Mechanic Valentine.png
Hot and Cold.png
Terraria Generation of Armors.png
Honey Glazed Nageru.png
Terraria All Armors.png
Solar Eclipse 2.0.png
Winning artwork in the Relation of Three contest!
Terraria Relation of three.png
Blue Moon.png
Cursed hammer.png
Terra Blade2.png

Expert Mode Queen Bee.gif


Banner characters 2.png

Drawings of a Character/Terrarian.
Requestable when open.
-----Original Characters-----
Thumbnail Steef v2.png
Thumbnail Nageru Hito v2.png
thumbnail Trex.png
thumbnail silvyne v2.png
Thumbnail Thardus.png

chibi OC's part 3.png

From left to right:
ppowersteef, Nageru Hito, Trex, Silvyne, Thardus, Samantha and Sapphire
Critical Steef 2.png

My Main OC, also known as Steven, or Steef in short.
His interests are based of myself IRL.
His main interests are Melee weaponry, and throws fire in the fight.
Steef is also my oldest OC (Created in 2005) and has been gone through many changes.
This is currently how I like him the best:
ppowersteef heroic 2.png
ppowersteef ref.png

Steef's appearance in Terraria
Steef Doodle.png

ppowersteef Soaring.png
Revamped the Terraria Armor to make it more unique to myself.
paladin Steef and Nageru.png
The Angelic form used during Expert Mode
Angelic Steef 1.png

Steef's very first appearance, remade in my current style.
avatar 0.1.png
My first drawn avatar. Updated several times to my taste.
avatar 3.png
Lights Edge.png
ppowersteef excalibur.png
I've Remade my old avatar, with more detail on the armor and the Terra Blade.
detailed ppowersteef.png
I wanted to show off the Firepower.
Using Flamethrowers with "Make it bun dem" music on the background is badass.
make it bun dem.png
avatar 12.png
Decided to make another detailed drawing improvement of mine.
Now with extra focus on the Fire Gauntlets and Frostspark Boots
avatar 15.png
The first avatar, but remade:
Soaring through the Sky.png
Steef's appearance in Terraria
pparty time.png
Avatar 18.png
Critical Nageru.png

The Ninja with the urge to throw everything away.
Created during the Throwable playthrough.
Nageru 2017.png
nageru reference new.png
Nageru Nageru throw.png
Ninja Nageru2.png
Ninja nostalgia.png

Nageru daybreak.png
Throwing armor yeah!
Nageru fossil armor.png
The Magic Dagger has been an important weapon of choice to her:
Nageru Mythril Armor.png

Nageru Hito.png
Man, I love the Super Mario Strikers Artstyle.
sexy nageru.png
Ninja Butt.png
A memory of the playthrough with @Terra Branford
nageru hito, Terraria thrower.png
Nageru reference.png
A thank you drawing to everyone who has done something for Nageru
My first sketch of Nageru,
many changes has been made after this
Nageru Hito.png
Nageru Kimono.png
Nageru Custom.png
Nageru Beetle.png
First try making the backside of a woman
Title may or may not contain a pun
avatar 4.png
Terra Brandford Imagined it after playing MM Randomizer with the 'Nageru seed'
I could Imagine it too once she obtained the Spectre Armor, so:
because I havn't made it on a whole new picture
Nageru holding the three powerful throwing knives during most of hardmode
Legs slightly edited with help of @Esreadel
Nageru Ninja armor.png

And some cosplay:

Nageru with Spectre armor
nager spirit armor.png
Critical Trex 3.png

The Ranger Soldier
Using guns, rockets and bows from the beginning.
Trex reference.png

His actual first appearance was in the frost moon drawing,
But this was the first one mainly focussed on him.
A combination of Trex' armor, Rundas, and the 1.3 alien armor
Trex FRZ armor.png
Including an unique electric based gun.
Trex new armor.png
Trex 3.png
Critical Silvyne.png

Silver Heroïne, and sister of Trex

Silvyne 2019.png
Silvyne 2018.png
Silvyne reference.png

Silvyne 2017 v2.png
Silvyne armor.png
Armor from my game "Space Siblings"
Space Silvyne.png

Silvyne waving.png
Trex and Silvyne combining forces:
Space Siblings.png

Silvyne Motherday.png
Silver Cannon.png
It's been a while I did this pose <w<
Silvyne stretching 2.png
Silvyne's Spaceship as gijinka <w<
overdone doodle
Critical Thardus.png

The White Wizard

A huntress with a love for deers:

She uses a crossbow since her arm was damaged from a huge fall.
-Other characters-
The Summoner:

Shadowclaw: The Black Panther


Rose: A blazing friend of Trex and Silvyne

Rose of the war.png

Request Recap.png

I've drawn a lot to the community, and with a lot, I mean QUITE a lot!
I open my request usually during vacations. Although it can also happen that I draw on my own to people that I like.
Here below you'll find all the character arts I've done to everyone:
Terraria requests background season 1.png

all requests season 1.png

all requests season 2.png
all requests season 3.png
all requests season 4.png
all requests season 5.1.png
All requests Season 6.png
all requests season 7.png
All requests season 8.png
All Requests Season 9.png
All requests season 10.png
Request Recap 11.png
Request Recap 12.png

banner animations 3.png

Small collection of animations. I don't do requests about gifs, because they're a lot of work.
I use gifmaker.me to make the gifs.
sword swing thumb.png caramelldansen 3.png laser thumb.pngxiao nageru thumb.png firenebulathumb.png
My first Terraria related animation.
Me in a pixelated appearance swinging the 3 legendary swords of Terraria.
So I saw milt's avatar, and I wanted to see how it looked like.
I didn't had experience with non-pixel art animations, but a base helped. Sadly the base was a JPG, so it may look kinda odd:
Been a bit more experienced with making dansen avatars, so I made this:
Terraria - Caramelldansen.gif
Nageru - Caramelldansen.gif
Time for an improvement:
Badass weapon, that's all
This was my first non-pixel art and non-base animation, with help of Paint.NET, this was possible.
Xiao enters stealth mode by standing still for too long, and Nageru had to rub her to exit stealth:
Xiao belongs to @DGFVR.

I Imagined how I would switch items like those.
Metroid Prime reference intended:
Fire Nebula Switch.gif
Also known as Desktop Buddies. Those cute chibi's walk and crawl around your screen
And sometimes mess with your open files.
For further information to create your own, click here
shimejiee.pngshimeji nageru.png
-----Pixel Art-----
I'm not much of a pixel artists, but I can edit sprites when I want to.
Usually I'm doing more Fire Emblem sprites than others.
test sprites.png

some small recolors/slight resprites of Fire Emblem characters.
Idea was from that I imagined TCF in Fire Emblem
Of course making all animations in game is too much, but just a base sprite just to imagine things is quite nice too:
----Other stuff----
Chibi OC's crop.png

Lights Edge new.png

The Lightrand is a sword made of Solarstone, a gold colored material that's able to absorb high amounts of sunlight in a cubic centimeter.
When used in combat, if the Solarstone gets damaged by scratches, it'll unleash the sunlight it stored in it. causing an explosion burst of light.
While that's just a scientific effect, it has been considered sacred as the years passed. And rumors sprout that the sword has been blessed. The source of the raw Solarstone is however lost, That's because it looks like a plain rock if it no longer contains sunlight. So it couldn't be researched anymore.

Steef discovered that the Solarstone in the Lightrand is able to conduct heat and flames, causing the blade to be heaten up, making it glow.
In combination with Steef's firepower, it's also able to flare a "fire of light". giving the flames a golden color.
If it cools down after heaten up, it'll cause it to temper itself. recovering itself from the scratches it caused. Effectively causing it to last almost forever.

Despite it's not been an actual 'holy' weapon, It'll still show's it's effectiveness against dark creatures.
A signature weapon for my main OC, able to shoot flaming bullets. yet it's still a prototype:
merry christmas.png

You can also find me on:
Twitter: Steven (@ppowersteef) | Twitter
DeviantArt: ppowersteef | DeviantArt

If you like my artworks, then you might also like these Terraria artists:
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Other game-arts related here:

Including my epic final boss (and psuedo-final boss) series:
Day of Lavos.png Castlevania Grand Cross.pngBaby's Sacrifice.png Big Bad Baby Bowser.png vs dark samus.png Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rayquaza.png
link vs ganondorf.png True hero's never die.png Tabuu.pngPokemon Trainer Red.pngVersus Dark Bowser.pngConfronting Myself.png
Phendrana Drifts:
Entering Phendrana drifts.png
Metroid Prime 2: A Light in the Dark:
A light in the Dark.png
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
Drawn to Life: Shadow Showdown
drawn to life.png
Mario, Yoshi, Link and Samus.
Gunvolt, Copen and Lumen from Azure Strikers Gunvolt:
Azure Striker Gunvolt.png
Kaho from Momodora: Reverie under the Moonlight:
Shantae and Kaho:
Shantae and Kaho.png

Samus and Dachora:
Samus and Dachora.png
Mario in Metroid drawing for celebrating 1,000 views on DeviantART:
1000 views.png
Neo suit samus:
Neo Suit Samus.png
Lyndis from Fire Emblem
Archers from Fire Emblem

The Last Teslamancer from Teslagrad:
Dance Cadence from Crypt of the Necrodancer:
Crypt of the Necrodansen 2.gif
My favorite comic doodles I've made so far, you can see recent ones on my profile.
GN toxic sludge.png
GN fishing moon lord.png
vortex pickaxe.png
GN mirrors.png
Boulder rip.png
final destination.png
golem fist throw.png
Terraria skyrim.png
TerrariaxChivalry comic 2.png

And a new section for traditional art I make during my job break:
Job doodle #1.jpg Job doodle #2.jpg 20171201_125054_1024.jpg The monster in the underground jungle v2.1.png
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Staff member
I'll bump your thread.
Can you do an art of my char? He's got brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, is wearing goggles, a lab coat, yellow rubber gloves, blue jeans and black shoes.


Can you do an art of my char? He's got brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, is wearing goggles, a lab coat, yellow rubber gloves, blue jeans and black shoes.

i'm thinking about a halloween artwork, i've doubts if i'll use TO chars there or just mine characters

EDIT: requests closed for now because i need time to make art for Halloween
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Nice work ppowersteef! The Splinterling looks a tad bit simple, but eh. It is a Splinterling after all :p
i'd a few issues with making that splinterling, especially that he've a butt

it became too annoying to make it in a better shape, i lost too much time on that so i forgot the other details, (this thing barely has any detail actually)


Santa Claus
This needs more attention!

You really managed to catch every single detail of Plantera in that jungle scene :D
And that halloween art is really epic and inspiring! That's you and your bro, isn't it?

And this, my friend, is wonderful :'D
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This needs more attention!

You really managed to catch every single detail of Plantera in that jungle scene :D
And that halloween art is really epic and inspiring! That's you and your bro, isn't it?

And this, my friend, is wonderful :'D
Thanks a lot!
I could have done a better job on making that gif more transparent, think i'll revert that back to a whits background

The one of pumpkin moon is an awesome one, i'd first thoughts to also use people i know on TO to appear. But that was too much work, and using others chars without permission sounds odd, to me.

I still love the plantera one as it was also my first terraria drawing, i love the jungle too because of its many detail.

I think i'll put the thumbnail of this thread back in my signature

Edit: that gif was a hard one, but it was worth it. (Though suweeka said it lacks sword skill) i've also improved that one to look like the guy in my avatar, small change he'll swing those swords again, but i'll try it anyway


Allright, Requests are now open for a time.
@Devinox asked in a PM for a request, so i've done his one already:
dragon armor.png

(it'll be easier for me to just ask for requests in this thread)
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