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Drawings & Paintings ppower arts


No Base used.
No Pixel Art.
26 Different frames.
30 Different layers on Paint.net.
This Is the hardest gif I've ever made so far, But I love it!:passionate:

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Decided to give my main post a new layout,
I need to make more banners and thumbnails. But I've already done the title:

Gradient! :eek:

Also, I've added a tab with other stuff/random art that are all still in a Terraria Related way:
Full view is in the OP itself.

EDIT: Or by clicking on them, it seems.
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(I'm too active, way too active)

I'd once drawn a Shotgun in Izzabelles art studio, I thought about of improving it to a signature weapon.
Behold, The Hotshotgun (I'm so punny XP)

A shotgun specially designed to shoot molten bullets. The pump Is now made of obsidian, Those who wield fire gauntlets can now charge heat inside the gun through the pump. A bar shows the charge level. Once fully charged, It shoots a spread of bullets on fire! if it's charged too much, it'll become overheated. unable to use the gun untill it's cooled down. without fire gauntlets, It just acts like a normal Shotgun.

...however, It's just a prototype
ah well, sounds fun to have a weapon like this in my own game or in a Terraria mod though. even if the added fire effect doesn't makes it much stronger. It's just the awesome feeling.

Also, I've drawn Nageru In her beetle armor(will also be the last clothing of the same pose):
Beetle Nageru.png



Triple post....gggrrrrrrr

Thardus the White Wizard. obviously the Mage of my team.
Though he's already in my character list since my first magic challenge, he pretty much the least known member of my crew,
he never appeared in any of my drawings, except in the Frost Moon.
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Better hope He will become a bit more known though.


How have I been blind to this thread for so long.

I especially love the Terra Blades, seeing as it is my favourite weapon of all time. And the 'evolution' pic of the improvements TB has gone through just makes me smile. A very telling 'before and after' pic, if you may. :D

Rest assured, this thread on my watch list now!
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