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So after the artworks of those requests, what'cha gonna do now?
Before I opened request I had a project in mind I was working on, nowadays the requests have kept me too occopied so I couldn't work well with the project.

So I want to work further on that project once the requests are all done. I don't want to tell yet what the project is about untill I can confirm it's gonna be a thing.
probs didn't mention it
But can you make my character from calamity playthrough? if the quests are opened

(he's a melee gu- uhh, fox if you want to draw a weapon with him)
It's not just with a new page. If you don't check an alert from a thread, no matter what post/page it is, you won't be getting alerts from the thread unless someone tags you or quotes your post

For some reason.

Oh yeah, I knew that part, but you see I had clicked the alert to check out the (then) new post in here. So technically, I was up to date, except I just stopped being informed about all of the new stuff that came after. Tho nowadays I actually participate in so few threads that I can just look at them by myself every couple days alert or not, it's not like the old times where I was having to zoom around answering this and that.
Anyway, so far... What is the best request that you've done?
Now this is an interesting question.

I can see that I'm improving each time I've opened requests, so one of my favorite requests batches are actually this one and the raffle I did last year.
I think my favorite out of this batch are from Kazzymodus and BBGoo.
From the raffle batch, I will go for Neoselket, DG-VR, and Milady Lyndis, As I've really enjoyed drawing them and how it have turned out compared with the reference I had available.
Evie.pngPirate fingerguns.png neoselket.png Xiao&Teahug.png Aube.png
(requests were in order of mention: Kazzy, BB, Neo, DG, Lyndis)
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