Pre-Dryad Purification Powder

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    Purification Powder [​IMG]
    Sold by the Dryad for 75 [​IMG] a bag (thus requires having slain a boss first)
    It cleanses a small portion (5x5 blocks or so) of the corruption or the crimson, i.e turning crimstone to regular stone

    This item is an interesting tool to fight off the corruption/crimson in your world, but one of my favorite uses for it is opening the way towards Shadow Orbs and Crimson Hearts when you have failed to find bombs and have not yet obtained a decent pickaxe. As of now, the first would solely depend on the RNG of the pots and chests you come across, while the second requires slaying the EoC.

    Taking into account how underpowered EoC is nowadays (almost comparable to what should be it's successor, the EoW), plenty of player choose to skip it and go straight for a somewhat bigger challenge and that's why it has come to my concern that an alternate method to bomb-hunting is required.

    Therefore, my suggestion is to have Purification Power dropped from early pots and appear inside overworld chests in a ratio similar to that of bombs to bring some glory to the forgotten powder and diversify the way players interact with early obstacles as portions of unmineable stone.
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    No support.
    - Shadow orbs/demon hearts give you a really decent gear.
    - And Shadow Orbs/Demon Hearts are IMO supposed to be broken after killing EoC (since the dryad appear after killing a boss) but since bombs destroys ebonstone/crimstone, people thinks that this is the main way to do it, while it is IMO to purify the blocks and then dig it with a normal pickaxe (but since this is IMO so it might not be true)
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    I understand your point, I like to think however there is not a "main way to do it" but an array of possibilitys available to the player depending on the early findings. This would still be dependant on the RNG, you could still not come across any method of disposing of the corruption/crimson and then slaying EoC would be necessary (or not)
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    Well I have to say no support, sorry. The whole point of the Dryad showing up after the EoC is to get you to fight him first. Plus he will show up on his own if your max HP is high enough. I won't go into the corruption/crimson unless I have enough gear and health.
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