tModLoader Prefixes for Enemies

Hey, really like the mod and everything you've got going here but I have a problem that I have no idea if it's been asked before. About 2 years back I tried to use the mod on a server with the old non steam Tmodloader and it worked fine, I never ended up using the server much but the mod was fun. Now however when I try to use it in a server no luck. I don't know what changed, I've deduced that it's not a mod as it still doesn't work with all mods but that one disabled, I've made sure it works locally on both the machine trying to join and the server so that can't be it, has an update stopped it from working on servers or something?

Also can we get an option in the config to toggle the extra loot and toggle if prefixes can effect bosses (yes I'm a tryhard)
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