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Console Prehardmode Boss Guide (based off PS4 but can still be useful for others devices)

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Official Terrarian
Title says it all, now LETSA GO! First, King Slime. I actually never faced him in prehardmode normal, so im just using a one i know that people say works. Put rope 30 blocks into the air, get out a ranged weapon, and summon. You can do this with no armor and just stuff from pots on the surface, so go do it.

Now, Eye of Chthulu. Get some ninja armor (or Tungsten or better) and get some shurikens (ninja) or Enchanted Sword and bow backup. If your lucky enough to get meteorite, use the meteor space gun combo, for an ez victory.
"Any potions?" you might ask. ONLY HEALING. I personally think if you use buff potions, your a scrub (says the person that cant do Fishron and is going to do it with potions).
I used a living wood tree (i only had PS3 at the time).

Now, Brain of Chthulu. Try to get meteor combo with crimrod thing. Also, if you summon him via hearts... Your probably gonna die not gonna lie. So i reccomend to summon him via the Bloody Spine (i think that's what it is called). If you can't get meteor, use the blood butcher/Katana, waterbolt, spear from crimson hearts, Bow, crimrod, Archahlis (optional), any Yoyo, and ninja shurikens/gold/platunim armor. For arena, use basic platforms every, 5 blocks.

Now, Eater of Worlds. I recomend you use everything for the Brain, but change blood butcher to lights bane, and spear from crimson hearts to Vilethorn. Arena? I dunno, to be honest. If i think of one, or if anyone reccomends an arena, it's gonna go here. But until then, i would reccomend to just use the chasms.

Now, queen bee. Use ninja shurikens, or jungle bolt (jungle armor water bolt) Melee, arkchalhissihsihsi yea i can't spell that word, or enchanted sword. Ranged is an AOE bow, or the crimson/corrupt guns. Arena, i would say, just the hive with platforms, depending on how the hive was generated.

Next, skeletron. I would use Water Bolt, Vilethorn/spear, yoyo, Katana, Enchanted Sword, Crimrod if your world is crimson, and crimson/corrupt armor. Arena? Platforms going low, maybe to the treeline. If your just going to use waterbolt, make walls.

Now, WOF (Wall of Flesh) bridge going from the ends of the underworld, probably about 500-900 blocks Nights Edge Waterbolt Space Gun Meteor Combo shurikens hellstone armor and make sure you have a hellstone pickaxe or a reaver shark or tons of crates from fishing. Bada bing bada boom ya did it. Also, im going to credit this guide, because that's what inspired me to make this: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/how-to-kill-all-pre-hm-bosses-ez-pz.70291/ now BAIIIIIIIIIIIII

P.S Get the hellstone pickaxe or a reaver shark BEFORE you beat WOF, and if you dont have those things and dont feel like getting them, get tons of crates. OR ELSE you will be dying and dying and dying because you dont have any of the hardmode ores. Don't believe me and you do it without those things? Well get ready to die 1,000 times
i've experienced it. It SUCKS
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Skeletron Prime
Your efforts are appreciable but try to format it in a way so that it isn't straining on the eyes.

Also, try to minimize any bias like this:
Also, if you summon him via hearts... Your probably gonna die not gonna lie.
While I'm not directly saying that bias is a bad thing in guides(it can actually make it more fun and engaging to read), but exclude as much bias that can discourage the player from doing things that are surely feasible. I can defeat Brain of Cthulhu via hearts almost no problem, it just requires quick movement around an arena you may have to set up beforehand. As such, suggesting an arena would a better alternative than to straight-up saying that they shouldn't do it at all. Just a little tip from me. :)

If you have any other concerns, I'd be happy to help.
Happy day, Terrarians!


A good arena design for Eye of Cthulhu is literally just like 100 platforms in the air. Make sure you have a grappling hook and/or some form of double jump so you can duck under then jump back up if needed.
Also, skeletron, a good arena for him is 3-4 layers of 50-100 platforms, spaced like 10-20 blocks apart, maybe add rope up to the first layer to minimize time spent getting to the arena.
Eater of worlds, really depends on how the corruption is set up. If there are decent sized hills, make a smaller version of the skeletron one between them. If you don’t, go down into that long part in the bottom and build a long arena of platforms from one end to the other, kinda like WoF.
And no i don’t ont care this thread is a year old

Derpling Ω

Apparently using buff and mana potions makes things too easy now :p, yeah this guide is pretty much useless in expert mode.
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