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PC (Prize! Sign up now) First Annual TeamTerrarian Summer Games

Welcome to the TeamTerrarian Summer Games!
Our Current Status:
10/20 Slots Full
(5/10 Full Teams, 1 Looking for Group, __ Filler)

Days of the Games:
Aug 4th 6pm EST
Aug 6th 6pm EST
Aug 8th 6pm EST

Welcome to the TeamTerrarian Summer Games! The Summer Games is a multi-minigame event hosted by Commision Corp. Laugh at the face of your enemies as you pass them on a beachside track! Zip through the water to score the goal to win you the game! Explore the depths of Terraria to complete the scavenger hunt! Rack up enough points during the Summer Games, and you may just earn yourself a prize.

What is the Summer Games, and how do I sign up?

The Terrarian Summer Games is a 2-player event consisting of 3 minigames: “Dolphinball”, Racing, and Scavenger Hunt. Compete in teams of 2 to rack up points in these games in various methods. Emerge victorious at the end of the three minigames, and you and your partner can walk away with anything you’d like on Steam under $10! As for the journey to the Games itself, we'll be explaining and giving some specifics on everything in our Discord, so keep an eye out there, too; i
n fact, joining our Discord is required! You can also look for a partner in our Discord too, in case you're lonely.

To sign up, you need a partner, and then you need to post an application below. We'll get into the details later in the thread.

Minigame Specifics:

A combination of volleyball, football, and soccer, in water. Players are equipped with Vortex or Solar Armor (depending on their team color), Lightning Boots, a Celestial Shell, and Master Ninja Gear. The goal of the game is simple; coordinate with your teammate to score the volleyball in the goal. Mob spawns are disabled, so don’t worry about sharks biting your butt. Dolphinball will be organized tournament-style, which may be a bit time-consuming; so make sure you're not busy on the day of Dolphinball. Dolphinball will also be taking place across two servers, but don't worry; we'll contact you over our Discord on when and where you'll be participating.

Race through Jellyfish Mall; if you’ve ever played Mario Kart Wii, you’ll know what this is probably gonna look like. As for teams, the amount of points that your team gets is calculated by what place you and your partner get; for example, if Mark were to get 1st and Joe was to get 3rd, their overall point total would be 18 points for Racing. Like Mario Kart, there are plenty of shortcuts and strategies you can use for Racing, so feel free to experiment. Racing will also take place on two servers, at around the same time; so keep an eye out for which server you'll be playing on.

Scavenger Hunt:
When the Scavenger Hunt begins, after grabbing all the gear you need, race to fetch all the items in the list. The first one to put all the items in the list in the chest wins this minigame - everyone else gets follow-up points. Spawns will not be disabled here - so watch your back while you look for the items you need. Like the last two minigames, this will take place on two servers, and we'll let you know which one you'll be going on.

I know this may seem confusing at first, but don't worry; you'll be provided with the maps for Dolphinball and Racing, so you can explore and know what to do; especially in the case of Racing, because there are plenty of fun shortcuts and secrets lying around. As for the Scavenger Hunt, because it won't work out too well if we gave the map out, we won't be doing so; but we will give you tips and screenshots of the spawn area. Note that you will need different characters for the minigames every single time. I recommend you make three characters that look the same, all ending with the numbers 1, 2, and 3, to distinct between them.

1. One must not cheat, or go somewhere where you shouldn't go.
2. Always join the Games with a new character.

3. Have good sportsmanship.
4. Obey referees.
5. If you think there is a problem with a minigame or you encounter someone breaking the rules, please tell a referee.
6. Collaborate and work together with your teammates - how else are you going to win?
7. All the Discord rules.
8. Have fun!


Hey, I know. Everyone loves free stuff. I do. You do. Who doesn't? That's why I thought it would be fun to give you guys free stuff for the event. The prize is anything you'd like under $10 on Steam; or, if your teammate gives the ok, one of you can get anything you'd like under $20 on Steam! Other arrangements may be requested ahead of time.

Signing Up

I'm sure you're screaming at your screen asking how to sign up for this amazing event. First, stop screaming at your screen, because you may bump your head on the screen and hurt yourself. Second, I'm about to tell you, so shut up.

We have three types of sign-ups; Team sign-ups, Looking for Group, and Filler sign-ups. In Team sign-ups, one member must provide their application by posting in this thread. Join the Discord ASAP after posting your application. Then, voila; you have your team signed up! Make sure your teammate joins the Discord, too.

If you'd like to participate in the Summer Games, but you have no partner, you can post your application here; but instead, in the section where you would normally put in your teammate, put in "Looking for Group". This will let other people looking for a partner know you're looking for a partner, and then they can contact you to team up.

Meanwhile, Filler sign-ups only take place after all 10 teams have been taken. If someone isn't available, I'll choose a random filler player to take their place. As for the "recommended filler" area in the application, you can put other users there if you're afraid you may not be around. In the situation you not being available, we'll let that recommended player fill for you. Don't worry, this space is optional; so if you think you'll be available, go ahead and leave it blank, or don't include it at all.

Don't forget, you can always look for a partner here or on our Discord if you don't have one!
Steam (provide as a link):
Teammate (if you're looking for a group, put that here instead):
Recommended fillers (not required):
Team name:
Discord tag:


If you don't know what Discord is already, first off, you've been living under a rock; second off, it's a voice and text app for gamers; think of Skype, but much better optimized, combined with the old-school powers of Teamspeak. It's free to make an account, and it's even free to make your own server!

Because of the immense power Discord has, we will be using Discord to communicate with our participators on when the Games will be happening, details on the Games, team lineups, who's up next, tips, tricks, secrets, fun conversations, memes, you know the drill. You can even look for a group in the Discord if you don't have a partner yet.

Remember, it is mandatory to join our Discord server. If you don't happen to use Discord, you can open it through your browser; so even if you don't have an account, feel free to hit that link. You should also be contacting me through Discord if you're confused on anything.

With that, I've said what I need to; go ahead and sign up! Please let me know if you have any questions on the Summer Games through here, or on Discord. Thanks, and good luck!

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