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PS4 Problem with grand design item

When you are on split screen the grand design item doesn't show up for 2nd player and I'm not sure if it's my game or every ones game can I please get help thank you :)

Lance Zealot

Hello. I am having the same issue here. Player 1 grand design works fine. Player 2, however, wires don’t show up. You can see previously placed wire, but not the ones player 2 used. If player 2 used a normal wrench, it works fine. But grand design, no.


Dungeon Spirit
Anyone figure out how it works? I'm playing on PS4 solo and it's not working properly for me
I just spent over an hour pulling my hair out over this. THANK YOU! This is absolutely an issue, the grand design is completely broken for player two in split screen on console. I’m on Xbox One. I’ll be making a report to the devs.
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