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  1. Abyss Raider

    Abyss Raider Steampunker

    Is this for your all's testing purposes or for people needing to convert PS3 to PS4 only?
    Because I already play on PS4, but if this data is solely to help you guys optimize the game, I'll happily send you my saves.
  2. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    It's to test that pre-1.3 saves will work smoothly with the new version.
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  3. Abyss Raider

    Abyss Raider Steampunker

    Ahh! So all will be useful. I'll send mine in, then. Thank you :dryadhappy:
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  4. Duke of Fries

    Duke of Fries Steampunker

    How about Xbox 360 and One? How do we transfer?
  5. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

  6. Duke of Fries

    Duke of Fries Steampunker

  7. L3wisWaffle

    L3wisWaffle Terrarian

    It has to do with his initial comment. Can you not read?
  8. ReaperLord

    ReaperLord Terrarian

    Sent mine in and, oh, is it a biggen. Should be great for testing since it has nearly every single item in the main game minus a couple items from the latest update. Hope this truly helps and all. A world that has been built and added onto over the span of... however as long as the PS4 version has been out. Aptly titled, Underhill.
  9. EmeraldGuy1020

    EmeraldGuy1020 Terrarian

    Super excited for the update guys, great work!
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  10. CardJitsu5

    CardJitsu5 Terrarian

    Hi do u remember the size of your world cuz I have a feeling I did something wrong... did u also use a formatted USB?
  11. ReaperLord

    ReaperLord Terrarian

    57.2 Mb. This included character as well. I believe the map file size does not change much. I believe you get two system files in the save folder and the saves are actually the SYSTEM file with no extension.
  12. Soulstar

    Soulstar Terrarian

    Mine was a bit lower zipped but I added screenshots for posterity. Which reminds me to check why neither me nor the kids got the pets trophy yet... 5 mounts n 19 pets (missing frost n pumpkin)

    I think it also depends on how many worlds also.
  13. Eddie Ziemak

    Eddie Ziemak Terrarian

    So, we will lose our characters and worlds if we don't do this?
  14. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    Not at all! They are collecting save files to test if pre-1.3 saves are ported successfully to the 1.3 version once it comes out, they are not converting them for you to use.

    Sending in your files serves as a guarantee that your saves will port over successfully (as they will be tested directly rather than indirectly), but if you choose not to, your saves will be fine as well. Sending them in just helps Pipeworks to fine tune the porting process, and it will also give you that extra layer of certainty. ;)
  15. Eddie Ziemak

    Eddie Ziemak Terrarian

    Ok! Thanks for clarifying!
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  16. Weepinghost

    Weepinghost Terrarian

    This sounds really good for People that look For Switching From PS3 to PS4. It sounds like we are Getting close everday:)
  17. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    As others have noted, the goal here is to greatly increase the number of test cases for "existing saves from the old codebase moving into the new codebase". To be sure, the PW guys have tested such transfers extensively internally - but given how many random variables can exist in worlds, it seemed like a smart move to enhance the number of test cases (albeit a somewhat uncommon if not unprecedented step). This just helps to make certain - or as close to certain as you can get - that there are no (or at least WAY fewer) issues with old saves at launch. We all know how important those are to Terrarians!
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  18. Tunnel King

    Tunnel King Administrator Staff Member Administrator

  19. MBraderz

    MBraderz Skeletron Prime

    Imagine the mess if it were :confused:
  20. TerraBlaze

    TerraBlaze Skeletron

    This isn't a recycled meme. I made it myself.
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