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Discussion in 'Console Bug Reports' started by Thexpertgamer101, Aug 13, 2018.

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    Okay, so I am running into ALOT of problems when playing Split screen Multiplayer Terraria. Such bugs includes as follows:

    -Invisible Projectile Bug (particle effects render but the actual projectile is invisible)
    -Multiple NPC Bug (happens WAY too frequently, there are times where I have almost 7 stylists in one world)
    -Game Crash During Most Post Golem Events (Martian Invasion, Pumpkin Moon, E.T.C.) Is there any word of a consol patch for these issues?
    More bugs found.
    -Map Recoils (Jumps back when going Left to Right back left when going right back right when going left)
    -Map spasm (shaking violently left and right ONLY WHEN ON MINECART AND FALLING)
    -Liquids staying behind a block is placed over it and mined away (Visual Glitch)
    -Money Trough pig Invisible and Inaccessible. (But Regular Piggy bank is accessible)
    -Iron appears transparent when places in trash can slot
    -Wall of Flesh does not spawn during Multiple NPC Bug IF multiple Guides are present. (MAJOR GLITCH)
    -Multiplayer: Banners earned by other players does not appear in inventory of earned player
    -Multiplayer: when a banner is awarded to a player, it is sometimes awarded to a different player in multiplayer and will display the other players name, as well, and say they have obtained it
    -Bubble Blocks not working correctly
    (Has Odd collision and no collision. Very Hard to pass through and build arena with)
    -Blood moon event always flashes the screen white before the blood moon tint occurs
    -(Possible glitch) heavy reoccurrence of Blood moon, Solar Eclipse, Pirate And Goblin Invasions.
    -Two or more Summons in Split screen Will often lag the game (only experienced in my group with 3 players not tested otherwise)
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    What a long list. Good luck reporting them all. @[email protected] I've had a few of these bugs too.
  3. Thexpertgamer101

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    Do you know how to get in contact with a dev?
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    Hi there @Thexpertgamer101, thanks for taking the time to share these issues. You can send in all of your info straight to the developers here:

    You probably won't get any response from the developers, but they look through every bug report. Make sure that you include as much detail as possible including any reproduction steps so that they can reproduce it on their end.

    For your projectiles disappearing... if you are wearing any dyes or a Familiar Shirt (, take those off and you should be able to see the projectiles again. You may need to restart the console, not sure.
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