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PS4 PS4 Split-Screen sound mute issue


I didn't see any post for PS4 discussion about this issue, but I did see that sombody made a similar post for xBox.
Single player plays normal but as soon as a second controller joins the sounds coming from player 1 stop. When player 2 joins the world the sound is based on their position. The inventory sounds still come through for player 1 though(changing items).

Ex1:player 1 and 2 are in different locations
Player 1 swings a pickax at stone but no noise is heard.
Player 2 then swings a pickax at stone also but sound is heard.
A worm chases down and kills player 1 before they notice their health dropping.
A worm hurts player 2 and because of the pained noise they turn to fight putting the search for loot and glory on hold only temporarily.

Ex2: Player 1 and 2 are in close proximity(about 100 blocks, player 1 on the left)
Player 1 attacks an incoming corruptor with a sword causing terrible noises (of varying distances)to come from left side speaker.
Player 2 is attacked by a zombie. Jumping back and fourth over the zombie causing a normal change between speakers based on which side the zombie is on.


Hi! I've the same problem after the last update. When I play in multy only player 2 has sound. Player 1 has sound only for the inventory.


Same! I hope this gets fixed soon. Player 1 has sound as long as they are the only player. I (player 2) left the game and everything was back to normal. All sounds were heard for P1.


I've had high hopes after Monday's hotfix, but unfortunatelly it is still not fixed.
Please fill in the bug report form if you haven't already done it, maybe they will bump priority if more people report the problem.


Hello everyone, I'm having the same exact issue on Xbox One and it's incredibly frustrating. Started as soon as the last update came out and I've just been hoping and praying that they fix it soon! It's a major issue when you can't hear yourself taking damage or hear any other important sound fx.

Made this forum account just for reporting this issue - Hope it gets fixed ASAP!


This issue, along with the never ending sandstorms, better be fixed soon. It's hard for my father and I to play with these issues.
Same issue. Both with no audio and constant sandstorms and horrible lag/crashing when sand elementals spawn. I don’t even want to play this game anymore. And it’s my favorite game right now.


I'm getting the same error. As soon as player 2 logs in player 1 sound is gone. The only time I have sound for player 1 is when I use the flying piggy bank. This is becomming really frustrating and I'm getting to the point where I dont want to play this game anymore like the others. Can we get a prompt fix on this issue? It's been going on for too long now and just shows your lack towards customer service and satisfaction.

The Briterican

Having the same issue, and definitely is stopping us from playing.
Looking forward to this getting fixed in the next patch. We want to get back to Terraria!
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