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While farming for the legendary Nimbus Rod (6.66% Drop Chance, I killed 40 Angry Nimbus so far), I came up (or rather copied from Dota 2) with a system which will completely eradicate RNG from Terraria, while still making it feel the same way as it is right now (but less frustrating).

For those of you who haven't heard of Pseudo-Randomness ever, allow me to introduce it to you:
Pseudo-Randomness is a process in which numbers (in Terraria: Drop Chances) appear to be random, while they, in reality, are not. The system uses increasing numbers with every non-successful tick, until the reward is guaranteed to drop.

Here's a graph of how the chance would change in relation to monster kills of a kind (read paragraph below first maybe):

Disregard the numbers, if you're looking at the graph. I just found it online and the shape is what counts. Imagine the peak being the kill at which you'd be guaranteed to get your Death Sickle, Broken Hero Sword, etc.
Notice how the first enemy kills have a very low chance of rewarding you, while the chance increases the more enemies you kill without getting that reward.

Consequentially, once you do get the reward, the chance resets.

Let's have an example:
Key Molds have a, as of now, 1/2500 chance of spawning upon enemy kill in the respecive biome. As the system works right now, you can either get super lucky and get it within 1-2500 kills, or get totally dumped on by RNG and don't get it for 5000, 7000 kills.

With this system, kill number 2500 ((everything) might need rebalancing) is guaranteed to give you that Key Mold you so desire.

Pseudo-Randomness uses set numbers for the proc chance which switch to the next higher number after failure, or reset to the lowest number after success.

I should mention that it's, obviously, possible to have True Ranomness and Pseudo-Randomness both within Terraria. So that only rare, unique drops would be affected by this system, while stuff like the contents of golden chests etc. would still be random.

This would be a pretty big thing to impliment, but at the same time it would fix what many players have problems with. What do you think? Did I explain the system well? I hope so :p
A suggestion similar to this has popped up before (been quite a while, though), and this has just as much merit as the previous one did.

Ideally I'd like to see the really rare drops (especially those necessary for progression or an ideal build) set up to use a common drop instead of just having an absurdly low drop rate (hence the concept behind my suggestions), but this works too.


The Destroyer
I would rather have the first monster drop rate being the same as it is now and then it exponentially rises, but the set value of which the item is guaranteed would be very high and not as the denominator of the drop rate. Otherwise, most would always have to kill x amount of monsters before they have a realistic chance of getting an item. Also because the chances of getting an item before it would be guaranteed would be extremely high.


This works for things like broken hero swords and key molds, but it's not as viable for bosses with multiple drops, like the WoF's six.

And realistically, with this system, things would drop way before they ever became guaranteed. Suppose you are farming key molds, and the guaranteed point is 2500 enemies. Once you reach 1250 kills, you have a better chance of it dropping than not dropping. Once you grind past about a 5% drop rate it will really drop pretty dang fast.

So I guess things would need to be rebalanced, but it could work for some things.

Can I Get Uhhh

Maybe this idea can work but maybe not. The thing is that we all wanna take a poo on RNG, we want to find a solution for this problem. The concept is decent but there's a thing in me that says otherwise.


Well, this appears to be a viable solution to RNG. Although @The Hexagonal Donut 's shard idea makes more sense for key molds and True swords, this works for everything else as well. Kudos to you.
In my opinion, this idea is better than @The Hexagonal Donut 's, especially when coupled SzGamer227's Weighting the Probability of Drops idea. But that's just my opinion, and The Hexagonal Donut's shard idea gets the job done. The OP's idea allows for surprises. Basically, with Pseudo-randomness, you still can get lucky, but you can't get unlucky.
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