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Psychologist office. What is your most traumatic Terraria experience

Pigman Δ

Ah yes, the boulder. One of the most unfair traps in the world.
And one of the funniest.
How is that funny?
I love to hear Terrarian bones go squelch... mmm, such a satisfying sound....
I know right? Isn't it great?
No. Anyway, I'd recommend always looking out for pressure pads and post-Skeletron, having a wire cutter to hand to spot and disarm traps easier.
Squelch... squelch... squelch..........


Just post your most traumatising experience in Terraria. That’s it.

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Ghostrix (@GhostrixTheCultist)
Scythe (@GhostrixTheCultist)
The Warrior (@Scratch Lunin)
Anonymus (@Champion Greninjoid)
Pigman (@Pigman Δ)
Lesiocore (@Pigman Δ)
Clot (@Wisp95)
Melody (@Wisp95)
Toxin (@Agent Sandstorm Σ)
(Scythe used to be purple, and Ghostrix Orange....I changed them, just clearing up any confusion)
(Lesiocore used to be light purple, just clearing up any confusion.)
Every single time i dig a hellevator there’s a spider biome in the way. Literally every time.

Agent Sandstorm Σ

Mine is the first time a goblin army arrived.. i screamed at discord thinking of what to do and my arena turned into a graveyard..
When my account mysteriously got wiped
I remember my first world (on Mobile) getting corrupted, but I was at post-Golem ;(
Every single time i dig a hellevator there’s a spider biome in the way. Literally every time.
Hardmode bosses in Eternity mode: PHANTASMAL DEATHRAY
Jesus, this is way, WAY too much to be dealing with at a time. Why hasn't anybody been dealing with these?
Anyways, I have no advice. I give up. :red: this job.
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