Psychologist office. What is your most traumatic Terraria experience


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Turtle armor+Terra Blade is all i ever need to beat Plantera.
just circle her while swinging, the beams hit her while you don't get hit by her seeds and stuff, and in second phase her bunch of stuffs gets knocked awae by the actual sword swinging


Losing my whole world when my older computer died was the most traumatic, but the next one that takes the cake was losing the magic mirror. Not even sure what even happened but it caused so much regret I spent the following few sessions looking for a replacement. It happened when I've progressed to mid game so I felt pretty dumb for losing it

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Also for the Plantera bossfight, use ropes, and go up and down around her swinging rapidly. That's what I used to defeat her way back when, and it works pretty well.
For the second phase, just use circles.
#1 rule I have for bossfights : Circles are your best friend.


Just post your most traumatising experience in Terraria. That’s it.

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Hearing the crimson

the corruption music is vibing, crimson music is nerve scraping

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Could you please explain that better?
Alr, here's a better explanation.
So you know how you can go up and down (And sideways, but I haven't mastered how) on ropes? Using a ranged weapon, such as a bow, gun, or sword that makes a projectile, just shoot/swing rapidly while pressing W and S, going up and down the rope while shooting/swinging.


The Destroyer
When I was mining I found a spider cavern and I hate spiders, I wanna get the real estate agent achievement but I need the stylist for that. I did manage to get over blood crawlers tho. I mean look at that's horrifying


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s-so.. i was playing master mode for the first time.. an-and i decided i was going to build an afk farm… for the r-.. rod of… rod of discord—…. and after what felt like *heavy breathing* days i— i finally got everything prepared. then, right before placing the f-final b-block i-i…. i got.. it..


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Terraria 1.1.2. I got butchered by a Dungeon Guardian in the Underground Corruption biome because there didn't used to be a thorough enough check besides "Enough nearby dungeon brick + underground + natural underground wall tiles." So one spawned because the game thought I was in the Dungeon.

That was my first death.
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