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Pump Rarity

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Wouldn't it have to be harder to get, so that it makes sense. What I mean is if it's rarity is blue then make it require twice the ingredients to craft it so its harder to get it with the rarity of blue


What does money have to do with its recipe?
[doublepost=1540940486,1540940457][/doublepost]Or worth
Its a comparison. It says that if coins are below blue but very hard to get, then why should we increase the grind for increased rarities? This does not shake balance and I see no reason for tje change in recipie to boost grinding.


Brain of Cthulhu
Lets not derail things. :)

Back to the suggestion:
However, they are white rarity, meaning they can be destroyed by lava.
That's rather strange considering the pumps' purpose. They aren't dislodged by lava, so they shouldn't destroyed by lava either. I can't decide if it's better to make it blue rarity or make it immune to lava (like Fireblossoms). Either works just as well.


Brain of Cthulhu
Thinking a bit more about rarities... the word "rarity" is mostly wrong in the Terraria context. The colour is not an indication of rarity, per se, it's an indication of tier. The Red and Purple 'rarity' things are relatively easy to obtain - most are craftable from guaranteed drops. Compared to an example rare item, something difficult to obtain: The Rod of Discord is Lime. So is the Ankh Shield. Both are arguably rarer than Solar Flare Armour.

Coins, materials, most furniture and so on are all White rarity because they're available at the very start of the game (though are not necessarily easy to obtain).
Perhaps the developers and/or the Wiki should abandon the 'rarity' descriptor in favour of a 'tier' descriptor.

Since Pumps are constructed with Wire and Wire is sold by the Mechanic after Skeletron is defeated, they could be Green or Orange rarity. A lot of what the Mechanic sells is Blue rarity, so I'd be fine with making Pumps Blue rarity as well. That answers my own question from before. :) Blue rarity it is!
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