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  1. bzhen0

    bzhen0 Terrarian

    This is for an early, all the way to late game (kinda) weapon. Your fists!
    Early game you can start with an empty slot, later in the game you can create metal knuckles or magical gloves that increase your fist's damage or gives it special effects.
    Damage with fists vary, the closer to you they are the more damage it does, same with KB.
    Fists work like shortswords, but you can aim where they go, instead of just going in front of you and being useless vs flying monsters.
    Fists cannot -Go Through- Enemies, if the enemies are very close they fists can go back and punch again faster, like golem fist.
    Most of these are not autoswing.
    All Melee damage (With some exceptions)
    Gloves can be equiped in a special "Glove" Accessory slot that "upgrades" your normal fists so you can still fight with an empty slot.

    Fists (Empty Slot)
    3-6 Damage
    Range = Copper Shortsword
    Use time : ~14
    KB : 2.5-3

    Wooden Knuckles
    40 Wood?
    6-9 Damage
    Range = Shortsword
    Use Time : 14
    KB 3-3.25

    Iron/Lead Knuckles
    8 or 10 Bars of Iron/Lead
    9-13 Damage
    Range = Shortsword
    Use Time : 14
    KB 3.5

    Platinum/Gold Knuckles
    8 or 10 Platinum/Gold (Matches Above)
    12-15 Damge
    Range = Shortsword
    Use time : 13
    KB 3.5

    Corrupted Glove
    3 Leather, 8 or 10 Demonite
    21-24 Damage (((5)Extra Damage) for special effect)
    Range = Shortsword and a half
    Use time : 13
    KB 3.25

    Vampre's Embrance
    10-12 Crimtane Bar
    15-18 Damage
    Range = Shortsword and a forth
    Use time : 14
    KB 3
    Each hit heals 1-2 hp

    Meteorite Handset
    14 Meteorite Bars
    14-15 Damage
    Range = Shortsword and a half
    Use time : 14
    KB 2.5
    Each hit heals (uhh... balancing.....) ~ 3-5 mana?

    Hell's Hand
    15 Hellstone Bars
    22-25 Damage
    Range = Shortsword.5
    Use time : 15
    KB 3.5
    Each punch shoots out a projectile that pierces 2 enemies and does....... ~17 damage each (So you can beat WoF with it)
    Sets monsters on fire

    Wild Claws
    15 Jungle Spores, 10 Stingers
    13-18 Damage
    Range = Shortsword.25
    Use time : 10
    KB 2
    33% to poison for 3 seconds

    Brawler's Punching Gloves
    Wild Claws, Hell's Hand, Meteorite Handset, Corrupted Glove or Vampre's Embrace
    35-40 Damage
    Range = Shortsword.25
    Use Time : 13
    KB 3.5

    All of these require 16 of the respective bar
    Colbolt Knuckles
    33-43 Damage
    Range = Shortsword.5
    Use Time 12
    KB 3
    Palladium Knuckles
    37-47 Damage
    Range = Shortsword.5
    Use Time 14
    KB 3
    Mythril Knuckles
    Damage 40-45
    Range = Shortsword.5
    Use time 12
    KB 3.25
    Orichalcum Knuckles
    37-49 Damage
    Range = Shortsword.5
    Use time 12
    KB 3.25
    Adamantite Knuckles
    40-53 Damage
    Range = Shortsword.5
    Use time 12
    KB 3.5
    Titanium Knuckles
    43-58 Damage
    Range = Shortsword.5
    Use time 12
    KB 3.5
    Hallowed Hand
    45-55 Damage
    Range = Shortsword.75
    Use Time 11
    KB 3.25

    Projectiles do not crit
    Knight's Brawling Gloves
    Brawler's Punching Gloves, Broken Hero Sword....? (We really need a replacement for these)
    65-85 Damage
    Use time 11
    Range = 2 Shortsword
    KB 2.75
    Shoots out tiny fist lasers (Projectile size = fist size) :) each doing 30-60 damage, the farther away the enemy is, the more damage it does, no pierce.
    Angelic Hand
    Hallowed Hand, Broken Hero Sword
    30-60 Damage
    Use time 9
    Range = Shortsword.75
    KB 2.5
    Shoots tiny fist lasers, each doing 30-60 damage, the closer the enemy is, the more damage it does, no pierce.
    Lucifer's Spite (Or Terra Glove, kinda dull though)
    Hallowed Hand, Knight's Brawling Gloves, Broken Hero Sword
    75-100 Damage
    Use time 10
    Range = 2 x Shortsword
    KB 2.75
    Shoots Not-So-Tiny laser fists (2x as big as last 2) that deal 80-100 damage. Damage is random, pierces once.

    Untamed Beast Claws
    10 Chlorophyte Bars
    55-70 Damage
    Use time 7
    Range = Shortsword.25
    KB 2
    Shoots spore clouds that do 50-70 damage, Random(Every 1 Second). Autoswing.
    Spectre's Hand Wrap
    2 Enchanted Fabric, 16 Ectoplasm, 10 Chlorophyte Bars
    55-85 Damage
    Use Time : 16
    Range = 2x Shortsword
    KB 2.75
    Shoots a choice of 3 random projectiles, or none at all. (Every 1.5 seconds)
    10% Life Bond Orb - Shoots a Chlorophyte Claymore-like projectile, it heals for 50% of the damage done.
    25% Bound Sword - Sends a sword swing around the player in a circle, upon hitting an enemy it does 40-60 damage. Cannot have more then 3 at once.
    40% Acursed Fire - Spews Greek Fire Cursed Fire on the ground that lasts 5 seconds, enemies that touch take 30 damage and get Cursed Flames. Damage can be doubled if 2 fires are touching the same enemy at the same time. CF lasts 4 seconds
    25% Punch - Punch does 125% Damage and has +30% chance to crit.
    Mad Beetle Gauntlet
    75-110 Damage
    Use Time : 14
    Range : 2.5 x Shortsword
    KB 3
    Punch can charge the punch. Max charge time = 5 Seconds, you can hold max charge for 3 seconds.
    Charging slows player by 25%
    At max charge the punch does 3.5x Damage, has 100% Crit,is as wide as 1.5 the height of the player and is 3 times longer.
    Shroomite Multi-Use Claw
    Shroomite Digging Claw, 15 Leather, 25 Spikes, 15 Wooden Spikes, 10 Shroomite Bars.
    100-130 Damage
    Use Time : 11
    Range = 1.5x Shroomite Digging Claw
    KB 2.75
    Normal Crit Chance = 10%, going up to 40% crit chance the faster you are. 40% while running on asphalt with panic necklace effect and speed potion.
    Has digging and chopping power of Shroomite Digging Claw (You can dig/chop with your empty fist now :) )

    Reach Extender
    Extends range of Fists by 1.5
    5 Leather (Leather can now be made with 5 vertebrae)
    7 Iron or Lead
    40 Ebonwood or Shadewood
    Enchanted Fabric
    25 Leather, 10 Souls of Sight, 10 Souls of Fright, 3 Tattered Cloth (Mehehe! Go and hunt for it!)
    Doubles Use time, rounds down, halfs ALL (even projectile) damage.
    Enables autoswing (or punch)
    (Basically, chance for a lot more crit damage, but only if you get in close)
    Also gives punch a slight glow, you can see your fist, but it does not light up the area (like HHB)

    Still WIP
    Anyone want to do sprites for me? :D
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  2. bzhen0

    bzhen0 Terrarian

    Reserved, If I get too many sprites and they won't fit on first post.
  3. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    As much as I would love some new short-range weapons, I don't think this is a particularly good way of going about it. Most of these just aren't practical, especially going against any enemy that doesn't take knockback ("Take that paladin!" *head squished by a hammer*).

    Maybe take a look at the Bladed Glove for an example of a good short-range weapon.
    As it is, no support.
  4. bzhen0

    bzhen0 Terrarian

    This isn't supposed to be practical ;-; its just for fighting normal enemies, not bosses or such. Most enemies take knockback anyway, also besides, I'm not done yet :E
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  5. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    It's a weapon, and yet it's not practical...? If you have one at every tier up to hallowed, I expect it to have at least some reason that I should use it. Right now a sword of equal tier seems like a much better choice, especially once we're out of Early PreHM.

    Also, I judge ideas based on what exists. I can't just dig through your brain for what's not posted yet, so "I'm not done yet" really doesn't work as an excuse. Especially since it doesn't justify the practicality thing.
  6. bzhen0

    bzhen0 Terrarian

    Actually due to high use rate if you get close and spam it does much more damage, but at the risk of taking tons of damage if you can't keep them back. You can just wait for me to finish to see what I'm thinking ;{} :redmunch:

    What I meant by not practical is that it won't beat any boss of a similar tier, that is til endgame
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  7. Qw2

    Qw2 Official Terrarian

    3-6 Damage with your fists by default?
    I think the damage should be lowered to 1-3, your fist should be a last-resort thing.

    Otherwise, I support.

    8/10, needs tweaks. :dryadindifferent:
    srsly though if this gets added i am doing a whole play through with these
  8. Yellow

    Yellow Terrarian

    I love this idea! It'd be nice having a weapon you can always use... Perfect for my adventure maps:D
  9. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    While that would be true, it's still a lot less practical than a lot of other weapons. The only one (that I read, there's quite a lot and most of it is just stats) that actually seems applicable in most situations is the Hellstone one.

    Also, in regards to the other point, if I have to wait for you to finish, then what exactly is the point of posting the suggestion in an unfinished form...? As far as I can tell, the only reason you would really need to post the suggestion before it's finished is to get feedback to make the rest better, but if your reasoning for any existing problems is that it's not finished... doesn't that kind of negate the point?
  10. bzhen0

    bzhen0 Terrarian

    Early game you will probably rush a wooden sword, and even if you die you will respawn with copper shortsword. If I nerf the damage to 1-3 it becomes literally useless.

    It takes time to type all this stuff, and reference it to the actual weapons to check its not overly op. Also I don't to keep it in an unfinished state because my laptop is starting to crash more often then usual now :_:
    This IS (sort of) practical (but not a lot). Using this basically gives you tons of more damage potential in exchange for your safety.
  11. DJ M4N3

    DJ M4N3 Retinazer

    Me too...
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 24, 2015 ---
    My quote is the same as Qw2's...
  12. Starbomb

    Starbomb Terrarian

    I think rayman style punches would be pretty cool.
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  13. bzhen0

    bzhen0 Terrarian

    ahhh.... almost done :) just need to finish accessories and add moon and Fishron stuff :3 I'll save that for tomorrow though
  14. TheQuietBisharp

    TheQuietBisharp Official Terrarian

    It's interesting. How would the animation look? My only concern is that it might be weird for a Terraria character to punch. Other than that, it's an awesome concept.
  15. DJ M4N3

    DJ M4N3 Retinazer

    I agree.
  16. bzhen0

    bzhen0 Terrarian

    A (maybe gloved) fist would -extend- from the player, if the player is running forward its forward punch, if your running backwards then the hand reaches its max distance from the player and comes back almost instantly. Maybe when you have an empty slot equiped the charater goes into a "combat stance" to make the punching look less strange.
  17. Axios

    Axios The Destroyer

    Hey look! It's a thing!
  18. bzhen0

    bzhen0 Terrarian

    what is that ;-; kill me now pls if thats your idea of a... wooden knuckle? [​IMG]
  19. Axios

    Axios The Destroyer

    That...hurt. Sorry to bother you with my horrible sprite...
  20. bzhen0

    bzhen0 Terrarian

    I'm sorry, but that is a rectangle with random dots :_: