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This is my first story on this forum. I'ts very short but I hope the quality is good enough compared to the rest of the forum.

A streak of yellow lit the sky as a huge martian spacecraft crashed to earth. The adventurer who had broken into the lihzahrd temple days earlier had just destroyed one of over five hundred martian spacecraft flying above the plains. Flashes of green light were emitted from the crash site and two smaller martian saucers loudly exploded in midair. The figures in long blue cloaks observed the battle from the top of a large plateau between the pillars of a blue-bricked building. Suddenly, A group of martian transport craft appeared above the plateau and deployed at least one hundred martian warriors mounted on scutlix. One cultist drew his mighty pulse bow and shot one of the martians through the head. The entire squadron turned and fired at the group. "you idiot!" the leader roared at the bow-weilding man. "you've lead them right to us! do you want to live?!" "Yes... master... I... I'm very sorry... master... I won't do it... again... " you better not!" screamed the leader, his white mask shaking in his fury. "I will personally dispose of you if you make one more mistake! Now fire on those martian! everyone who is not undertaking in the ritual... Fire. At. Those. Martians! A flurry of pulse bow bolts and yellow sword beam screamed through the air at the squadron. But a shield projected by a suit wearing martian stopped every single bolt. Just as the cultists were about to fire again, a martian saucer appeared in the air. golden laser blasts from the craft shot at the building and the cultist that had shot at the martians first fell to the ground. The terrified cultists could hear their leader mutter "good riddance..." under his breath. The leader teleported next to the saucer and bursts of fire erupted from his gloved hands. The fire hit the saucer and the guns violently exploded, sending rocket fuel and debris to the ground. The saucer was not done yet, and a terrifyingly bright laser came from one remaining cannon. The leader made a portal in front of him and out of it came a purple laser. The beams clashed until the the heavily damaged saucer could fire no more and crashed to the ground in a ball of flame, killing the squadron of martians in the following explosion. The leader looked to see two fighting cultists disappear in a cloud of smoke as lasers hit their backs. A martian tripod had came up behind the group. The pilot of the tripod could be heard shouting gargled words in their own language, which the cultist leader knew as "puny humans" Before the tripod could kill more cultists, a nebulous wyvern appeared in front of it and savagely tore at the cockpit until the glass shattered and shouts and screams could be heard from inside. A spray of what appeared to be blood spurted from the laser ports and the tripod's legs gave way. As it exploded, the other cultist could faintly hear the leader say "puny martians...". The leader flew up to fight the fleet as fire and purple gas lit the sky.

Four hours later, the night was silent. The burning remains of martian saucers littered the plains. In the silence, only one thing could be heard; a rhythmic chanting emanating from the dungeon.
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I like how descriptive you are when describing the battle scene. If I may give you some constructive criticism, perhaps you could make the dialogue a little more dynamic. Make the interactions between different characters more expressive; dialogue is where a lot of the emotion of your piece is, so go ham. I'm not much of a writer myself, but I do know you've got some good groundwork that can be continually improved with experience.

Nice job fam :)
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