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Putting accessories in vanity slots


Hey guys! Hope you having a nice day! :)

1.4 Has nerfed the accessories by not allowing accessories without visuals to be put into vanity slots.

As I understand it, this was done to 1. make players put only vanity accessories into vanity slots so the characters do not look like a mess, 2. disallow quick swapping that is thought to be OP, 3. free up vanity slots of most people and encourage them to fill said slots with the new vanity only accessories.

However I still regard this change as a reverse quality of life change, because it has

1. It increases the cluttering of the main inventory.
2. Accessories are more likely to be lost, cause in the process of constantly swapping an accessory between the inventory and the accessory slots you can't properly favorite the item once and for all.
3. We are less likely to use some particular non-visuals utilitary accessories at all, cause they are too much work to extract from your additional inventory in a situation when you would benefit from them, and they are certainly not worthy to be worn all the time. One of the examples is the Tool Box for builders. It used to chill in my vanity slots and was used when required, and now it sits in the corner of my accessories chest crying ;(
4. In my experience the tooltip "can be worn in vanity slots" confuses most of the players at first. Their first instinct is to think that this item will work if put in a vanity slot and they don't bother to mouse over the equipped item and read ".. no stats will be gained". Some people keep thinking they are getting the benefits of the accessory for quite a while and it frustrates them that they find out the opposite.
5. Players' characters still look like a mess, cause most people would still put useful accessories that have visuals into vanity slots for quick swapping, rather than just cosmetic ones. And you can't currently make both the main accessory and the vanity one for the same slot to be invisible at the same time. So you end up with utility accessories in both slots and most of the time you want nighter of them to show, but you have to choose the lesser evil.
6. Swapping accessories can still be done pretty quickly with a bit of practice. The change has just made normal casual non-abusive accessory swapping more tedious, as you have to drag your mouse all across the screen and, possibly, open an additional inventory where you keep said accessory.
7. It feels frustrating being unable to put an accessory into a vanity slot without even understanding clearly why this change has been made in the first place (based on me asking a number of random players). So this change is perceived as anti quality of life one rather than a reasonable nerf.

1. Reverse the change and let us put any accessory into the vanity slots as it used to be before.
2. Give vanity accessory slots their own visibility switch dot in the top right corner of the slot, so we can prevent messy looking characters.
3. Remove the tooltip "can be worn in vanity slots" from all the accessories that currently have it and insert "can be used as a vanity item" instead

I really hope I can somehow get this message to the Re-Logic team. This has been bothering me and numerous longtime players ever since the update.

Please tell me your thoughts on this, and also please tell me if you know a good way to get this problem noticed!

Have a great day! <3:bluslime:
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