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Xbox 360 Pvp World

Nutella Fairy

Skeletron Prime
Come all, to Aley's SPECTREDOME I- the best or console combat! FOUR TEAMS BATTLE TO THE DEATH FOR... FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT!
(I cant afford prizes)

Teams are chosen by me -they are usually:

red team- moon event victors and beginners

blue team- easy mode ore players and endgame players

yellow team- end easy mode players with hallowed/frost/chloro players

and, the green team, with hardmode ore players

I will try to balance teams as much as possible

so, a player with shadow armor will probably end up with someone with hallowed armor, for example.


no rocket 3's or 4's, no sand gun, no clentemenator, no explosive throwables, no boss items, no hammers, drills, and pickaxes, no lying, no cheating, and no star cannon or sniper rifle.

no voice chat, we will chat via XBLA messages or Kik texting app

we can tell if you have more armor than you say you do, so don't try it and tell us if you have warding on your accessories so we won't accuse you of cloaking

Invisibility pots are allowed

you must be 10 or older, I don't know why you would be playing Terraria or joining live games otherwise

Do not reply until I open the server- I am currently building the dome.

Nutella Fairy

Skeletron Prime
Oh, and placing permanent blocks, rocket v's and dirt rods aren't allowed also, if you find any other loopholes, please tell me.

Nike Leon

Staff member
Might be covered by placing permanent blocks rule but you might want to specify that dropping sand on people is out.
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