PC PvZ Peashooter Set

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  1. Crosseagle X

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    Yes, I know this won't be added because of trademark.

    Peashooter Set!

    Peashooter Armor.png
    Peashooter Armor:

    10 defense
    Bonus: 14% increased ranged damage, 20% increased rocket damage
    Crafted: 20 Plant Fiber, 10 Souls of Sight
    @ Orichalcum/Mythril anvil

    15 defense
    Bonus: 9% increased jump height
    Crafted: 40 Plant Fiber, 10 Souls of Fright
    @ Orichalcum/Mythril anvil

    13 defense
    Bonus: 13% increased speed
    Crafted: 30 Plant Fiber, 10 Souls of Might

    Set Bonus: When you hit an enemy using a ranged weapon, your hat will shoot a homing pea at said enemy (the pea can go through blocks). If the enemy is dead, it will pick another enemy.

    Pea Gatling Gun.png

    29 damage
    High knockback
    Fast speed
    Bullets don't travel very fast
    Can only shoot Peas
    Tooltip: Repeatedly fires
    Crafted: Megashark, 30 Plant Fiber, 10 Souls of Might
    @ Orichalcum/Mythril anvil

    10 damage
    Can only be shot by the PGG

    Plant Fiber.png

    Plant Fiber: Obtained by breaking Plants i.e. Grass with the Taco Hammer (0.5%)

    Taco Hammer
    20 damage
    80% hammer power
    Swings as fast as a Night's Edge
    Low Knockback
    Tooltip: Used for Obtaining Plant Fiber

    Peashooter Pet.png
    Plant Food:
    Summons a Peashooter Pet
    Buff: Peased to meet you
    (REALLY bad pun)
    Crafted: 200 Dirt, 10 Plant Fiber
    Peashooter shoots damaging Peas (10 damage).
    Can jump super high and run really fast.
    50% chance of shooting a flaming pea.
  2. skyblade57

    skyblade57 Skeletron Prime

    idk... I think the pet is cool but not the armor possibly just a pea shooter pet
  3. SolaR

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    I don't think that there should be a whole set of it, because most referenced games in Terraria are only small. Maybe just a Pea Gun? The name "Pea Gun" isn't trademarked.
  4. Meowelody

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    There should be a Winter Melon, Twin Sunflower (2 heads BECAUSE I'M CRAZY!) or Hypno-shroom set. Peashooters are just to known to get the reference - The plants I suggested would stand out more less as a reference.
  5. Wisp

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    wai wud i make the pgg if megashark is better and it require megashark?