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This is a series of builds I started back in 2021 after watching a lot of Terraria building videos on YouTube, especially Khaios' tutorials. I also got inspiration from other Terraria youtubers, like GandalfHardcore or Ziiio, and a lot of random screenshots I found in Internet.

My very first build is a literal definition of "Can I copy your homework? - Yeah, but don't make it too obvious". It was made after Khaios' tutorial video "How to Upgrade your Wooden Box!"

Sunhill Outpost


I didn't have access to Palladium Columns in pre-HM, obviously, so I replaced it with Large Bamboo and later decided that I like how it looks and left it like that.

Now it looks like this (haven't changed much honestly):

Hardmode Sunhill Outpost
Capture 2023-01-27 11_58_20.png

Merchant moved to new house, now we have small pub here, but Guide still has his sort of library with big tomes, made of various columns and beams. Next we have tunnel which leads to my pre-HM base and storage, barracks and guard tower. Barracks are valid houses just in case.

The entire Forest Pylon area now looks like this:

Forest Pylon

Capture 2023-01-27 11_56_05.png

The world spawn point is in Princess' Tower, where she lives with her slime friend and trusty butler Tax Collector. You spawn in TC's office and have to do some paperwork to proceed (you don't actually, its just some rp stuff).

Princess' Tower

Princess also has a garden with small pond and a fountain (small note: do NOT build on 'Constant' worlds, the weather will ruin your lights, except candles for some reason. After every rain ;I have to manually turn all lamps on, or make some lamps blink, or cover lamps with Echo Blocks).

Tower basement: butlers "actual" house and a vault, small sewer/hellevator and fountain control room.
Capture 2023-01-31 11_38_44.png

3-second timer to make fountain lamps blink, 5-second timer to switch Witch Doctor's Fountains.

My actual spawn point:

Market and my house
Capture 2023-01-27 11_57_50.png

Rolling Cactuses are real pain in a neck because any sneeze will break them with no materials back. Because of this one single "watermelon" I had to replace after every invasion/event I relocated my arena somewhere else.

My hardmode storage and crafting area:
Capture 2023-01-27 11_59_12.png

Accessible through both sewer and echo-coated teleporters in my house. I still have one spot reserved for Ancient Manipulator. Section to the right is reserved specifically for furniture and decorations, most of the chests are still empty though.

Actual Pylon:

Forest Pylon
Capture 2023-01-27 11_58_03.png

Just a small cozy house for Golfer and Zoologist, nothing special. Pylon pedestal, on the other hand... Yeah, not the most optimal and convenient placement, but at least it has style.

The rest of underground quarters:

The Gallery
Capture 2023-01-27 11_59_01.png

I wanted to use space between my old and new bases, so I made this. I also keep here most of paintings and statues. Look closer and you will find where the echo-coated teleporters are. I also like this tiled floor texture Sunplate Brick makes.

My pre-HM base and Shimmering Chamber:
Capture 2023-01-27 11_58_51.png

This is where I keep weapons, armor, accessories and vanities - everything I don't want to mindlessly stockpile after I return home and press "Quick stack to nearby chests". The Shimmering Chamber was added looong after and I had to smuggle some Shimmer from other world, because this one was created before Labour of Love release. And, of course, this chamber is a valid house for NPC shimmering.

This is it for Forest Pylon, others will be added later. This area was updated through entire playthrough and now is the biggest pylon build in this world.


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Well done m8, well done indeed :) We all learned from Khaios at one point or another, so kudos on getting the right inspiration for the start of your building career. Excellent work on the architecture and the composition as well, and don't worry - from my point of view, the evolution of your skills can clearly be seen after the first build. Good luck and have fun with your future crafts 👍


I think I will post one Pylon per day. Today's Pylon is Jungle one, my second build in this world.

Jungle Pylon:
Capture 2023-01-31 11_16_28.png

It's quite small and serves more practical than aesthetic purpose: Witch Doctors' and Dryads hut are used as storage for potions and herbs/seeds respectively and Painters house for paints, obviously. Also it has entrance to Underground Jungle and fishing pond which does not have optimal size as it probably should do, but still works as intended.
A-a-and I forgot to turn on campfire in the small tower to the right, this is what I was talking about earlier: the rains on 'Constant' worlds are really annoying.

Since today's build is small have a bonus:

Chlorophyte farm
Capture 2023-01-17 14_00_11.png

The Bamboo and Large Bamboo are real God's blessing, it looks too good to not use it.

I also edited Princess' Tower basement pic, because it has really small resolution for some reason so I replaced it with better one.


Next build: Desert Pylon

Desert Pylon
Capture 2023-01-19 11_10_36.png

Oasis settlement on top of Dungeon entrance. The pond to the right is viable for fishing.

Nurse's and Arms Dealer's houses:
Oasis Pharmacy and Guns'n'Trophies
Capture 2023-01-30 09_57_45.png

A small drugstore for Nurse and AD's huntsman's cabin with various hunting trophies and shooting range. This is where I keep my stocks of healing and mana potions and all sorts of ammo. That small rock formation to the left is a little reminder about The Dark Times where no Rubblemaker existed.

Dye Trader' s house and Dungeon entrance
Dye Trader's hut
Capture 2023-01-30 09_58_07.png

I'll have to do some cleanup later to spawn Lunatic Cultists, but for now it is custom Dungeon entrance which looks like some sort of excavation site. And, of course, dyes and dye materials along with Dye Plants are stored in DT's hut.


I love the idea and the looks of that altered dungeon entrance!
It makes perfect sense to have a pylong nearby the dungeon entrance for easy access, but, wow!
I wonder why didn't it really occured to me before, to make a desert town - dungeon entrance combo... it's such a great idea, I love it!


Today's build is very simple.

Frost Pylon
Capture 2023-01-19 11_13_02.png

Mechanic's part is very basic - some tools and sort of elevator - while Goblin turned out quite intellectual: he collects pieces of art such as paintings, statues, vases etc, and he also enjoys good music. The igloo to the right is a valid house for Santa. The pond, of course, is valid for fishing.


Next build: Ocean Pylon

Ocean Pylon
Capture 2023-01-19 11_11_15.png

Angler's raft:
Capture 2023-01-19 11_11_29.png

Angler has everything he needs for sailing and fishing: little worm farm, storage, campfire for cooking, even simple navigation system which allows him to track winds.

Party House:
Capture 2023-01-19 11_11_57.png

This is where Party Girl lives and works. She has various entertaining stuff, a cafe, a kitchen where Angler delivers fresh fish, and a dance floor. Fog Machine painted black stands for coffee machine and chests on top of Shiverthorn Planterbox (because unfortunately you cannot place chests on top of workbenches) are refrigerators (do not use marble chests though, as you can see, there is a little gap between chest and planterbox). Also, I think Dynasty Dresser painted black and white kinda looks like some sort of DJ mixer, Lightning Lamps are for extra detail.

Stylist's House:
Capture 2023-01-19 11_12_09.png

I have a small tradition: every serious playthrough I build house for Stylist out of Dynasty Wood in Japanese style. I don't know why, I just think it fits her. This time I had to use Echo Blocks to cover open section in the middle and outside lamps because once again - the rain in 'Constant' worlds is annoying.

This is the last pre-HM build, the rest three were built after defeating WoF.


Cavern Pylon looks dark and gloomy, because I decided to combine it with Graveyard Biome.

Cavern Pylon
Capture 2023-01-19 11_14_03.png

Mining Expedition Camp:
Capture 2023-01-19 11_14_18.png

While digging for riches Demolitionist crashed in a cavern nearby spooky crypt and decided to set a camp here for a while. This is also my special Ecto-Mist crafting area.

The Crypt:
Capture 2023-01-19 11_14_43.png

Clothier hides some dark secrets from his past life among these tombs. Something about human sacrifices to become immortal. Also there is another Dungeon entrance to the right and two tombs near Pylon are valid NPC houses in case I need to buy something special, like Echo Blocks. No Echo paint was used here, its just Sandstone Chairs really look like bricks. Maybe I should unactuate those Bone Blocks under the Pylon, because even painted white they are barely visible.


Mushroom Pylon a.k.a. Another Ocean Pylon:

Grim Coast
Capture 2023-01-19 11_16_02.png

Its actually way darker, in-game screenshot captor just does not captures some visual effects.

Shipwreck cove:
Capture 2023-01-19 11_16_14.png

"Shipwreck that happened centuries ago" was the first thing I thought when I saw shimmered Pirate NPC. Echo Blocks are good, but Echo Coating and Echo Platforms are even better, with some Mannequins and Illuminant Coating they allow to create actual ghosts!

Wandering Wizard:
Capture 2023-01-19 11_16_37.png

As you can see, Wandering Wizard and his friend Truffle Bard have everything they need for long travels and studying magic. The Giant Slime they ride is a reference to Epic Battle Fantasy series and actually supposed to be green, but again, in-game captor didn't capture lights from Emerald Greenspark Walls. Oh well, maybe blue fits better. Also Slime was inspired by Sybonn's video "Shimmer Queen Slime | Aether Build". Also, it appears, Wizard dislikes Ocean so I messed up a little.

Old One's Army Arena:
Capture 2023-01-19 11_16_53.png

As a little bonus - bridge to Shipwreck Cove that was originally built as Old One's Army Arena.


And the last Pylon build for now: Hallow Pylon

Capture 2023-01-27 12_00_54.png

The Cloudship:
Capture 2023-01-27 12_01_36.png

Airship that uses Floating Island to stay in the air and steam engines to move around. Lead by heir of rich family, machinery enthusiast and thrill-seeker Steampunker, who is captain and navigator. Her first mate and friend Cyborg operates all machinery. At the bow they have resting area with bar, books and tabletop games (yey, I have finally found use for War Table).

The Floating Island:
Capture 2023-01-27 12_01_46.png

A crystal cave for Slime and a small observation cabin where captain does primary navigation.

This is all for now, not sure when I will post new builds. I'll probably rename thread later, because future builds will not necessary be tied to Pylons.
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