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Pylon Issue


Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 10
Terraria Version
Controls Used
When trying to teleport to my Jungle Pylon (From a Desert Pylon) I would get a status message "There are not enough villagers near that pylon to access it" (Every time this would happen). I could teleport from my Jungle Pylon to my Desert Pylon but not the other way around, and teleporting from my Cavern Pylon to my Desert or Jungle Pylon's worked find as well.
I have 2 housed NPC's less than 20 blocks from the pylon (The furthest point of the furthest house was less than 20 blocks away, I have 2 very small houses, just big enough to be valid, right next to each other (Sharing a wall to split the two houses) and the pylon is right outside of the door to the houses so it is very close by). Both houses are valid (When accessing the housing menu it says they both are occupied, by the Dryad and Painter, and show their symbol for claimed/reserved on them) and the pylon is in the jungle (Very close to the edge but jungle music still plays and the jungle background is still present over 35 blocks from the pylon).
Breaking and re-placing the pylon did not fix the issue, but selling and re-buying the pylon seems to have fixed the issue (With no other changes to the housing or where the pylon was placed, kept it in the same spot). Not sure what caused the Pylon to bug out and I cant seem to recreate it either.

Attached image is my jungle pylon and its NPC housing


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It COULD be because the NPCs have outdoor access, so they might be walking too far away from the pylon for it to sense all of them.

That seemed to be the case for me, especially if one of them went down into a hole and couldn't get back in until I reloaded the game.

So to prevent that, I wall them off from the world, with a few tiles of space between their houses (and doors facing each other). Then I put a bridge of platforms across their roofs, and put my pylon on there. Then to visit the NPCs, all you have to do is get on top of a house, drop down through the platform, and open their doors if they're closed.

To prevent bad guys from spawning between their houses and occasionally killing them, place wall in that space, from the ground up to the platform.

And to be extra safe you can, instead of platforms, use a solid material (stone, wood, etc) to built a roof over their shared 'hallway', and put a trap door on it. Just remember to close it when you leave, or use player-only pressure pads/proximity sensors to do it for you. Monsters don't seem able to open trap doors, even on blood moons (I haven't tried in Hard Mode yet). Just have the pylon off to the side, like on one of the house roofs instead, so you don't accidentally trigger one when you meant to use the other.

OR... Hmm, I'm not sure if they're allowed to share a single door or not, but you can try this if you would rather leave their houses alone otherwise: Just replace the outer doors with solid walls, and put a trapdoor in one of their ceilings so you can drop down and visit them as needed. Might help to have an upstairs platform so re-opening the trap door and going through it may be easier.
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