Weapons & Equip Quasar Pillars, Arms of Shiva, and the Endgame Thrower

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Greeting, everyone! And welcome to the fourth part in the Hardmode Thrower series! As you may guess from the title, in this episode we tackle the hefty task of designing a brand new Celestial Tower! Including new enemies, cool new weapons, and even a new Moon Lord drop! Let's jump right in.

Since every other class has their respective pillars, it should be only fair that the Throwers of the world get their own weird flesh tower: The Quasar Pillar!

Quasar Pillar
- Boss
- Found in the Lunar Event
- AI Type: 94
- Damage: 0 (Contact), 65 (Black Hole Shrapnel)
- Max Life: 20,000
- Defense: 20
- Drops: Quasar Fragment (12-60, 18-90 (Expert), 100%)
- As you'd expect, this tower, much like the others, creates a minibiome around it with difficult, unique enemies. In addition, it also has it's own attack: it will occasionally open a small black hole in midair and fire 3-7 shotgun-like shards at the player in a roughly 120 degree arc. It appears similar to the others, although it's special color is bright white, with decals that appear to be tubes and pipes interlaced in it's exterior. Quasar Fragments appear to be quartz-like crystals with bits of color trapped within white hexagonal prisms. The background around a Quasar Pillar shows a blindingly bright white moon that shoots down massive multicolored beams to the Earth, similar to those fired by the Last Prism. The area becomes much more light-intense, with brighter bright areas and very heavy shadows in dark areas.


- Damage: 80 (Contact), 75 (Light Dagger)
- Max Life: 700
- Defense: 32
- Similar to the ground-based enemies in each of the pillars. After about 3 seconds of chasing the player, Luminescers will stop and throw 4 very quick Light Daggers at the player, which function like bullets, traveling infinitely. The daggers give off a lot of light, which is important to note.

- Damage: 70 (Contact), 80-300 (Prismatic Charge)
- Max Life: 800
- Defense: 37
- These rainbow-colored winged humanoids fly erratically around the airspace near the pillar. If the player gets too close, they will curl into a ball and charge at the player three times, similar to the Eye of Cthulhu. The charge gains more power the lighter the area is (not including light from the background. Torches, Light Daggers, flames, etc are included).Setting them on fire effectively boosts their damage massively.

- Damage: 75
- Max Life: 850
- Defense: 43
- A literal rainbow, that moves along the ground uniquely. It travels sort of like a Slinky down a flight of stairs: end over end endlessly. It follows the player very quickly, but is stuck on the ground and easily taken care of. Gives off a lot of light.

- Damage: 50 (Contact), 80- 250 (Arrow of Light)
- Max Life: 650
- Defense: 50
- Basically an endgame version of the Skeleton Archer, this being cloaked in white robes quickly and constantly fires Light Arrows at the player as soon as they get within 10 blocks of them. As with the Prismateer, they gain massive damage boosts from being near light sources.

Painbow Rider
- Damage: 65 (Contact), 90-300 (Arrow of Light)
- Max Life: 800
- Defense: 26
- A Quasarcher riding on a Painbow. The amount of light the Painbow generates buffs the Quasarcher immediately, so these must be split quickly and efficiently to ensure survival.

  • After a fourth tower is destroyed, the message "Your vision becomes hazy..." appears. The last message now shows after the fifth pillar is destroyed.
Right! With the new pillar destroyer, you head home to collect your new loot!

  • Quasar Fragments can be crafted from the other four fragments. The other four fragments all require Quasar Fragments in conversion.
  • Super Healing Potions now require one Quasar Fragment as well, but give 5 instead of four.
  • The Celestial Sigil now requires 20 Quasar Fragments as well as 20 of the other four Fragments.
  • The Lunar Hook now requires 6 Quasar Fragments, but gets a fifth hook.
Quasar Monolith
- 15 Quasar Fragments at an Ancient Manipulator
- Furniture, Mechanism
- Placeable
- 2 Wide by 3 High
- Max Stack: 999
- Rarity: Cyan
- Does what you expect it to: changes the background to the one surrounding Quasar Pillars.

Quasar Fragment Block
- 1 Quasar Fragment + 5 Stone Blocks at an Ancient Manipulator
- Blocks
- Max Stack: 999
- Rarity: White
- Use Time: 14
- Bright white with rainbow-colored specks that become visible when placed in large groups.

Quasar Dye
- 10 Quasar Fragments + 1 Water Bottle at a Dye Vat
- Dye
- Max Stack: 99
- Rarity: Light Red
- This dye does not actually chance the color of equipment. When used, the object it is applied to appears to shimmer and shake with an intensified color of the original object. With maximum light, the player seems like a haze of color.

Black Hole Blade
- 1 Quasar Fragment at an Ancient Manipulator. Makes 200.
- Throwing weapon
- 69 Damage
- No Knockback
- Max Stack: 999
- Velocity: 14
- Crit. Chance: 12%
- Rarity: Red
- Use Time: 9
- "Make them stare into the void"
- Upon contact with a wall or enemy, these small daggers explode into player-sized black holes. Enemies with a 14 block range are pulled inside, dealing constant damage equal to the original hit. The black hole lasts for 3 seconds before exploding for an addition 50 damage. None of this harms the player, or pulls the player in.

Light Shaft
- 1 Quasar Fragment at an Ancient Manipulator. Makes 200.
- Throwing weapon
- 55 Damage
- Weak Knockback
- Max Stack: 999
- Velocity: 20
- Crit. Chance: 18%
- Rarity: Red
- Use Time: 6
- "Command the speed of light itself"
- Upon hitting an enemy, these thing rays of light follow similar properties to Crystal Darts. They reflect to hit the nearest enemy. The only restriction is that they only last for 1 second each. However, due to their near-instant velocity, they can wipe out hordes of monsters in only a few moments.

Luminite Shuriken
- 1 Luminite Bar at an Ancient Manipulator. Makes 333.
- Throwing weapon
- 67 Damage
- Average Knockback
- Max Stack: 999
- Velocity: 16
- Crit. Chance: 20%
- Rarity: Red
- Use Time: 7
- "The future meets the past in the present"
- Upon hitting an enemy, this weapon stays stuck to it until it dies, doing constant damage. An unlimited number can be in any one enemy, resulting in insane DPS on one or many targets.

Quasar Board
- 10 Luminite Bars + 14 Quasar Fragments at an Ancient Manipulator
- Accessory
- "Allows flight and slow fall"
- 4 Second duration
- 95 Block Height
- 120% Horizontal Flight Speed Bonus
- Completely silent. Allows hovering. Three times flight duration when hovering. Visible in darkness but gives off no light.
- A great set of wings for building. Appears as a then crystal board that leaves behind rainbow particles in flight.

Quasar Pickaxe
- 10 Luminite Bars + 12 Quasar Fragments at an Ancient Manipulator
- Tool
- 80 Damage
- +4 Range
- 225% Pickaxe Power
- Rarity: Red
- Use Time: 11

Quasar Hamaxe
- 12 Luminite Bars + 14 Quasar Fragments at an Ancient Manipulator
- Tool
- 60 Damage
- +4 Range
- 100% Hammer Power
- 150% Axe Power
- Rarity: Red
- Use Time: 27

Now we get to the really exciting stuff! Armor and the Moon Lord drop!

Quasar Helmet
- 8 Luminite Bars + 10 Quasar fragments at an Ancient Manipulator
- 8 Defense
- "66% increased throwing velocity"
- Appears as an Oni-like head with a third eye hole on the forehead, but no holes for eyes. You don't need to see. You can feel the enemies.

Quasar Breastplate
- 16 Luminite Bars + 20 Quasar Fragments
- 16 Defense
- "66% increased throwing damage"
- An intricately carved design of reds and greens, like you'd find on an ancient tapestry

Quasar Leggings
- 12 Luminite Bars + 15 Quasar Fragments
- 10 Defense
- "50% increased throwing critical strike chance, 80% increased movement speed"
- Spiked and thing, build for agility.

Set Bonus
Wearing the full set applies the Shiva buff. Four ghostly arms appear at the Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest sides of the player. These arms are roughly 3 blocks long, and appear much like a demon's. They can be dyed using the pet dye slot, much like the Stardust Guardian. Whenever an enemy is within range of the player, they mimic the throwing weapon that the player is using, and automatically throw duplicates of your weapon at the enemy. This effectively means that the player can quintuple their damage. However, the arms do not work while inside blocks and do not target through blocks. Their attacks do not consume throwing weapons.

Now you see the Thrower's true form: the ultimate glass cannon. Able to do insane amounts of damage, but has less defense than a player in Tiki armor. But before we wrap this up, there's one more item from everyone's favorite lunar lord.

  • All Moon Lord weapon drops are now 10% instead of 11.111% to accommodate the new drop.
Moon Lord's Hand
- Throwing weapon
- Damage: 50
- Knockback: 5
- Velocity: 7
- Crit. Chance: 6%
- Rarity: Red
- Use Time: 9
- Sell: 12 Gold
- "Auto-throws throwing weapons"
- "33% chance to not consume thrown weapons"
- "50% chance to throw two throwing weapons at once"
- "There's a new god in town"
- This weapon is functionally a direct upgrade to the Mechanical Arm from all the way back at the Mechanical Bosses. When used, the player's hands become brown with visible green palms. It uses the first throwing weapon in the player's inventory as ammo. The stats on the hand are applied to the weapons that are thrown. As stated above, every attack has a chance to be duplicated, throwing two of the same weapon at once while only consuming one, and sometimes, if both chances line up, not consuming any! It is also important to note that the Arms of Shiva will mimic the properties of this weapon if the player has it selected, sometimes throwing two weapons at once and gaining extra stats. It's best modifier is Unreal, until I get around to designing unique modifiers.

And there you have it folks! An entire class, from the start of Hardmode to the very end! I still have some things to add (events, potions, etc.), but that's all of the main meat! It's been a pleasure being on this trip with you all. <3

Have any questions, comments or concerns? I'd love to hear them below!
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I read through all four parts and I am truly amazed! Full support! Also, the Moon Lord Hand is so great, it's a throwing weapon twice (typo).
This 4 part series is incredible! I was very disappointed with the lack of hardmode throwing weapons in 1.3. 2 suggestions to make this even better would be to
1- add sprites. I can only imagine the pictures of the lunar throwing gear..
2- balance the second post- it is the only post without any kind of armor. I suggest instead of hallowed armor you could have a special armor made out of hardmode desert materials
I fully support this! Throwing class needs it's own pillar!

Couldn't agree more - throwing class 'dies' when you reach hardmode, and becomes obsolete. Now we have a chance to make beenades the next Meowmere! I love the four hands bit too, but will it work with grenades, beenades, etc? Can you get quintuple as many bees doing twice the damage plus having large amounts of large bees?

On second thoughts, I think bees from beenades might use magic damage. :p
Couldn't agree more - throwing class 'dies' when you reach hardmode, and becomes obsolete. Now we have a chance to make beenades the next Meowmere! I love the four hands bit too, but will it work with grenades, beenades, etc? Can you get quintuple as many bees doing twice the damage plus having large amounts of large bees?

On second thoughts, I think bees from beenades might use magic damage. :p
I'm pretty sure bees have a neutral damage that's only effected by the weapon they come from. For example, the Bee Keeper, Bee Gun and Bee's Knees. They all come from weapons with different damage types, but I believe the damage they deal isn't class-specific in any way. But I'm pretty sure Beenades themselves count as explosive damage.
So, the idea is really good, and description impressing. I'm against, though.
  1. Making fifth tower would make things more complex and complicated, and the problem with positioning fifth tower. Basically, it's just that IMO towers are annoying enough as they are now, five will be too many.
  2. As going according to this thought, Devs would have to make fifth class nearly from scrap. I'd prefer them to focus on more important things like balancing and patching current content, as well as adding new, than to make fifth class which would take much more time to make, and even longer to balance it.
  3. It would divide players once again, and multiplayer would get a huge blast of content to examine and test, which is, I think, not needed.
  4. Going a bit scientifically, in cosmology Vortex is used as a second name of Black Hole (Don't argue with me; I'm into astrophysics like no one else), thus Black Hole related things being just Vortex things. Vortex is ranged, so this theme is now occupied. Also, Vortex is in the center of the Quasar, so, you know... It wouldn't be really original.
Last two (one divided into two points) reasons are fully personal, so read at your own risk!
  • Quasar Board seems to be really OP for me. 3 times duration when hovering? Man, that's mad... until it doesn't get any speed boost when hovering. For me it also looks like extension of Ranger's hoverboard.
  • The same goes to the Shiva buff. I could accept it only if it had range limited to 20 tiles from player or less.
  • Last reason, being the most important for me as well, is that I wouldn't use anything from this class, thus all things that would be implemented making my gameplay far more complex and annoying. Moon lord drops chance decrease would be also needle in my eye, as I didn't get everything I need to this point, defeating him more than twenty times.
That's all against. I thought about pros of having one more class, and found many, but I decided to leave it as counterarguments for people who like this idea ;)
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I'm just going to say one thing: nebula and stardust are the same. Nebulas form stars. Nebulas are made of stardust.
I don't mean to be rude, but did you just say that we can't add new stuff because it would require them to work? Which is their jobs? And what they're good at?
No. I said that IMO they should do something other instead of this. I'd be more than happy if they expand current classes instead of adding new (when summoner isn't even finished) one to the train.
If one says that they could work on them simultaneously - yes, but I prefer them to add twice to the current classes than once for current and once for new (In time they're making fifth class they could make content for the four existing).
I want to remind that this is my opinion, which I state after counting all arguments and contrarguments; also, important thing is that I have written more than one reason for which I don't support this idea.
I'm just going to say one thing: nebula and stardust are the same. Nebulas form stars. Nebulas are made of stardust.
They are already in-game, I can do nothing.
Sorry for post after post; just forgot about this reply.
Now that I'm functioning on more than 2 hours sleep I can be helpful.

I fear that the Shiva buff, while awesome, might be too powerful. Maybe have a certain area where the arms are useful, maybe a 110 degree angle for each of the arms. That way they remain useful in most situations but don't put every other class to shame.

That's just my opinion however.
Your whole idea for expanding the throwing class is extremely amazing and I totally support it.
I feel like it's a bit overpowered, but that could be fixed easily. Maybe the extra arms should at least consume ammo?
@Red H2O Hmm... I thought about it second time, and I got a little idea...
Maybe instead of makinf Thrower unbeatable DPS dealer (which I just can't imagine, as he is essentialy throwing things :D), make him godly support, a one that would be good in fight, though his real strenght would be in tactical and strategical support - I mean that it could apply powerfull debuffs to enemies ( such as Slow Death, which would make enemy lose health to death, no other counter than to kill one who caused it), fly around like crazy with super-high mobility, buff allies in multiplayer and gain strenght and regeneration in proportion to how much enemies are nearby/how strong they are?
Really, I'm not trying to force changes, but IMO Rangers and Mages are meant to be the DPS dealers, and they excell at it, so that additional one isn't needed.
Nevermind. As I said, I'm against this idea, at least in its current form. I just had suggestion on how could it be done if it was to be implemented, though I still stay at my point. You know, I'm this type of guy that instead of torpedoing project that seems bad for him tries to change it for better.
Oh man I thought I was the only guy who thought the thrown class could have a lot of potential, man was I wrong! I really love these ideas and would say that they could be a bit OP, but the premise is really nice, I especially love the Shiva buff the most. Still having trouble navigating the forums so have only been able to read your last two most recent threads but I do like where you're coming from with them. I recently made a post on possible ways to give more benefits to the thrower class but making feathers throwable, make Bone Glove weapons for the feathers, and have Owl Armor in hardmode for this entire thematic. Also military armor for explosive thrown weaponry and halfway into Rocket Ranged class exclusive. What do you think of this kinda stuff for the thrower class?
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