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PC Queen Bee can follow you

Discussion in 'PC Bug Reports' started by NateTDOM, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. NateTDOM

    NateTDOM Terrarian

    I was playing expert mode and accidentally woke up Queen Bee. I magic mirrored home as i did not want to die. I began to hear her music and when i checked the map she was coming to my house. I have two screencaps of my game to show this.
    This is her at my house. Pay special attention to the map.
    This one is pretty self explanatory.
    I just thought i would share this odd but kinda bad glitch. If you need any more clarification about anything ask me.
  2. WingedOracle

    WingedOracle Eye of Cthulhu

    It's one of her mechanics, actually.
  3. amenyoussef

    amenyoussef Skeletron Prime

    like wall of flesh, queen bee was designed so you can resume the fight after you die, but she can despawn in her way to you
  4. NateTDOM

    NateTDOM Terrarian

    well uhh now i feel kinda dumb. It is a wierd mechanic though.