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Quest Fish for the Oasis


In one of the recent spoilers for 1.3.6, the devs announced a new minibiome in the desert, called the Oasis. Hopping on board that train, I'll contribute a couple of quest fish specifically tailored for the area (and pray that it's got enough water to support them!)

Sand_Flounder.pngthere's a thin line between "purposefully ugly" and "bad sprite," and I ended up on the wrong side of that
Sand Flounder
"In the oasis in the desert, there's this fish that's almost completely flat, and it's got both its eyes on the top of its body! It's so ugly, it's fascinating! Go and catch it for me so I can scare people with it!"

"Somewhere before they turned into us, fish couldn't breathe air. And there's still a fish that can do that! Go to the oasis and fetch that missing link for me!"


Oh hey, would you look at that: 1.4 is out and there are quest fish in the Oasis? I'm not gonna take credit for this one, but I'm majorly happy that I and the devs were thinking along the same lines.
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