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    [March 23, 2019] Currently I have:

    [​IMG] Batfish (3)
    [​IMG] Bumblebee Tuna (9)
    [​IMG] Bunnyfish (5)
    [​IMG] Catfish (3)
    [​IMG] Clownfish (4)
    [​IMG] Demonic Hellfish (2)
    [​IMG] Dynamite Fish (3)
    [​IMG] Fallen Starfish (9)
    [​IMG] Fishotron (8)
    [​IMG] Guide Voodoo Fish (6)
    [​IMG] Mudfish (4)
    [​IMG] Mutant Flinxflin (2)
    [​IMG]Pengfish (11)
    [​IMG] Slimefish (1)
    [​IMG] Spiderfish (4)
    [​IMG] Tropical Barracuda (8)
    [​IMG] Tundra Trout (14)

    Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/xenophil
    VK: https://vk.com/xenophil
    Skype: commando0241

    It's up to you how to trade with me but I'm not going to use Hamachi or any other program.
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    Xenophil Terrarian

    I already created same thread in "Shops" but people don't go there. Seems like I'm doing something wrong :\
  3. Xenophil

    Xenophil Terrarian

    Updated fish list with new icons! I bet it looks better than a screenshot :)