Tool Quick Wave Bank - An easy, no-hassle Wave Bank creator

Now that new patch has released, custom wavebanks have ceased to work -- I have seen people narrow it down to a new variable in xgs file and possibly a new compression (at least for windows). This tool will probably have to be updated
Hey two things i wanted to ask (only if you can)

1- please do something like when i right click a song name it displays a drop down, from where you can choose to either move to a certain number or to replace it with a certain number ( Would help when you want to only replace some songs and not the entire list )

2- update (when i extracted the wave bank for there was an 89th song name called "unknown" which i believe is the "Otherworldly Terraria Menu Theme")

3- you're really cool, keep the good work <3
Hey I wanted to replace the music with a wavebank i downloaded and I dont know how and also can you tell me how to use the "Quick Wave Bank" please.
whenever i attempt to use my wave bank, it asks for a txt file?

i made a copy of my wave bank and converted it to .txt and it still didn't work.
I don't think I would've ever updated my wave bank to 1.4 had this tool not existed. Thanks a lot for making it!
If you ever get the time, please consider fixing the ADPCM format option. As far as I can tell, it's still broken.

That is good but does it works with version
Yes it does. In the program you have to have "Streaming" checkmarked under Options > Advanced before creating the wave bank.
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does this still work? I tried making a wave bank out of the wave files I have converted from mp3 + I added the quickwavebank.txt and I renamed the files based on the track list but when I open terraria it doesn't have sound and its stuck in an infinite loading

edit: I checked the streaming option and it works wonders!! TYSM
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Hello, I have no problem but I would like to know if it is normal for the song to sound strangely different from the song after being transformed into a Wave Bank, I would like it to sound the same as when I downloaded and I would like to know if you can do it. I did everything with quick wave bank and audacity.
I compressed a video of how the theme I use for the eclipse sounds before being transformed and after.


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Hey guys, I am suddenly having issues creating wave banks. I have switched to streaming and everything, but every time I hit build, it eventually just says "not enough memory to complete this operation". I have made many wave banks and have never had this issue. Any idea what's wrong? Thanks.
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