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tModLoader Radiated Machinery (Early wip mod)



What is Radiated Machinery?
Radiated Machinery is a mod about a world that is turning apocalyptic as you play new threats show up, Threats like Radiation destroying the worlds climate and Robots. The players goal is to stop the threat and discover the secrets of the Jungle Facility
  • New Bosses with interesting concepts​
  • New Biomes Nuclear Wastes and Steel Garden​
  • New never before seen Facility holding the worlds secrets​
  • New Dimension using Subworld library​

(Ak47 Gameplay)

(steel garden enemies)


(Wubber, Murky Mutant)

unknown (1).png

(Survivor NPC)



@Golden Wind - Coder and Concepts)
sised - Coder, Concepts and Spriter)
@the42ndcorgi - Spriter and Concepts
Astrum - spriter
Mango - Spriter
@Moni42069 - Music Composer, Concepts
@TheLoganizer42 - Music Composer, Concepts
@A44 - Music Composer)
@musicman655 - Music Composer and Concepts)
@Naka -Coder, Spriter, Concepts
Polarisisbacc -Coder
A Prepubescent Children - Coder, Spriter
Adobe Photoshop C26 - Spriter, Concepts
Gareb3ar1 - Spriter
SpicySpaceSnake - Spriter
@JokerLunacy - Spriter
Delly - Spriter
RANSNEEW - Art, Coder, Concepts
Samuel Werner - Beta Tester
Talanta - Concepts
GreenTea - Code
Crowlarghost - Sprites
Mochi - Sprites, Concepts
Dejuice to Decay - Sprites
HBDeus - sprites
Energykid - Music
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/radiatedmachinery here you can listen to the mod's soundtrack

YouTube: Radiated Machinery here we post the Soundtrack, Spoilers and Trailers for the mod

Discord: Join the Radiated Machinery Discord Server! if you want to get updates on the mod progress and feel free to ask questions

[One thing to keep in mind is that this mod is in Early stage of development so the mod isn't coming out any time soon, please wait patiently if you are interested in this mod]


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