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Random Chitchat Thread


Official Terrarian
lol also how make spoilers
For collapsible spoilers, select the three dots between the smilies icon and Alignment icon. Another array of icons will appear below.

The eye with a slash will give it to you. From that point forward, it's straightforward.
As a quick reference, there's the BBCode for inserting those kinds of spoilers. Make sure you remove the plain BBCode so it'll work properly.

In addition to collapsibles, there's inline spoilers. The mask icon next to the eye with slash produces one.
The more someone knows.


Wall of Flesh
You know, I really don't like the saying "Expect the unexpected". And the reason for that is, if you expect something, then it's not unexpected.


Anyone why Trueffet got swapped with Tartarus and Tartarus sits at #4? Because Trueffet is much harder than Tartarus
I think it’s cus most top players agreed that it was miss placed when they moved it above
its if course hard to tell for non-experienced players because the skillset required for either level is quite different

i reckon asking some top players on reddit or something if you really wanna know
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