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me after waking up
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My dreams are too realistic: ive been physically harmed in a dream... or my brothers slashed my wrists in my sleep
Pain is the one thing I don't feel from dreams. All other things are available... for better or for worse.
At the same time, almost all of my dreams are from a third-person perspective, like it's just a movie (and a full one too, idk where researchers got the idea that dreams last like 20 minutes because mine take all night and then get a sequel later on (looking at you, Mysteries arc...)).
why do the shootig dreams feel good...
I have no idea but I hope you'll be okay
This might sound really pessimistic but eventually you do kind of get used to bad dreams and they stop being bad
that's what happened to me, I'm pretty sure 10-12 year old me would have reacted way worse to every dream I have but these days I usually just deal with it and only get slightly annoyed if I wake up before my alarm goes off (the other day I woke up at like 6am and couldn't properly fall asleep... My alarm was set to go off at 8:30)
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