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You ever have one of those moments where you’re super hyped up about creating something so you put a lot of effort in to trying to make it happen and in your head for example you’re thinking of making something that looks like this:
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But then after putting yourself through the crucible of trying to actually make the things yourself you end up with something lookin like this:

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Yeah, I want you to insult this with all your wraith so I feel better
Hi there @Shilaila I moved your post into this already existing thread. The Off Topic section is for discussing topics that aren't Terraria. Something like this that has to do with you personally is better posted on your own profile (your profile is here: Shilaila). I'm not able to move threads onto profiles, so I've moved it to this Random Chit Chat thread instead. :)

Let me know if you have any questions. You can send me a private message HERE.
/ʀ/ is hard to pronounce but it sounds very nice when i can do it.
Does that symbol represent the English pronunciation of R? I know that a lot of those linguistic symbols don't represent the sounds that the symbols look like, if that made since.

(Maybe I'm thinking about it too much and that's actually just R in a fancy font :D )
super swag life tips! google "candle fox" and scroll down for infinite robux!
Image 6-7-24 at 8.21 AM.jpg

Where are my robux? 🫤
Book Rants

Top 5 authors
1. Derek Landy: I like the very different and flawed characters mixed in with a very strange world that allows for all sorts of plots
2. Brandon Sanderson: the power systems are peak and so are the characters
3. Hirohiko Araki: jjba funny
4. Rick Riordan: the premise of his mainline serieses are very original and cool
5. Dav Pilkey: Captain underpants was my childhood, but rereading when I'm older allows me to appreciate all of the actually funny puns and jokes that went over my head as a stupid child.
Honorable Mentions: Neil Shusterman, Jeff Smith, Eichiro Oda, SIU, Gege, George R. R. Martin (not his books, but because elden ring)

Popular book series that fell off the longer I read them:

The witcher series: the first 2-3 books are fine, then the last part goes completely off of the rails and includes some absolutely unnecessary and just plain gnarly details, the ending was (I cannot emphasize this enough) SO gosh-darn bad

Eragon/the inheritance cycle:
So much yapping and unnecessary sidetracking, the first time around it's bearable and the plot is good enough to keep you hooked, but upon reread it just sucks

Alex Rider:
I know its target audience is children, but seriously the book series should have ended at book 9; someone got greedy I guess. The book series would have been fine if it hadn't dragged on like that

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