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Random Forum Fights Infinity

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
*Steals all powers,energy,magic,mana,etc*
THE WORLD AS WE- yeah you get it.
*Obliterates the INFINITE.*


*creates new reality, because it's starting to get boring with this destroying reality.*
Horror breaks the fourth wall and slaps tappaja back into reality and shoots a cursed flame stream at your face.
Sends out the final guardian from knack when it revives in very hard mode
Yeah, no. Horror sips his apple juice and then slaps the final guardian into the void. Horror summons green fire rain to burn you. Horror than makes a barrier and starts building a ship.


Duke Fishron
Horror will be punished for hostility against me. He gets pinned to the ground face down and incapable of movement, and then a spike of ice goes right through his face.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
A dog took your command.png

so you can't do anything and can't use anything so you can't use No Us, cards or anything. Forever.
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