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(WTF, that scroll is BS cuz the Philosopher's stone was destroyed)
*YOU HAVE AN ISSUE, Because part of her brain was already altered, i piece of her soul, mostly memory is still in the body and unretrievable, Chara may have anywhere from minor to extreme memory loss.*
*The borg probes keep building a drone out of her body.*
((Who said I was referring to that Philosopher's Stone?))
"That would be a bad idea since they already know her body's weak points and make another drone from the duplicate. Anyways... Soul is stable aaandd..."
Chara's soul gets shoved into Erza's body. It apparently works, but -11/10 would recommend to do it again.
"Should take a while for her soul to get used to its new vessel."
*The borg drone punches through the glass and begins escaping*
*Borg drones are seen in what appears to be an area that is ot of borg origin, one of the borg pulls a piece of wall plating off and assmiliates the wiring behind it, the wiring behind is turned to borg tech*
*One of teh drones is doing something on a borg panel*

*So are you guys going to like... talk to Voyager or? let them hang on the phone?*
"Oh n-"
A vantablack-coated arrow hits "Chara" (The drone) and teleports "her" into the event horizon of a supermassive black hole. ((Actually the arrow teleports the drone to the previous Borg Tactical Cube 'cuz it's a prototype))
"Who's that? Jix, you might want to be on guard, or maybe not."
A hooded figure enters the medbay with a bow.
"That crazy gal seemed dangerous so I took care of her for ya."
"What's your name and how did you get in here?"
"Name's Kalette and this scroll teleported me here for a collector mission, don't know."
Kalette shows the scroll she's holding.

The real Chara stops floating and falls down with a bang.
((It basically has everything))
"That is a sign of danger, isn't it?"
"Yeah. Anyway, I'm gonna teleport us back to the control room."
Sans teleports Kalette, himself, Chara and Jix back.

"Whoa, who are those two? Hold on, that's Chara's soul! What happened?"
"Her body is trashed so I managed to pull off an imperfect body swap. Get ready, intruders."
"It's been a long time since the airship was invaded."
"Let's go kick some butt!"

"I-I'll just s-stay here and guard this girl."
Anyways, everyone except Chara and Kalette fan out and search.
"Good... morning A-Asriel"
Apparently the body swap worked, well maybe not.
“Ms. AI who’s name I forgot assimilate the assimilating borg part of the ship”
“It’s Jennifer master Jix, and I will do so” Jennifer does so.
Jix teleports to the borg ship and lays down and falls asleep.
"a lot happened when i was away, huh..."
"spar? anyone???"
"i'll be satisfied if any one of you can tell me what's going on."
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