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*Uses Flash Stopper from Mega Man 4 to freeze time before throwing LeaderHydreigon into space*
"So... I wonder if anyone from the past group is still here..."
Oh yeah? With my new aquired stand 「KING CRIMSON」I can skip team for roughly 7 seconds causing me to instantly know your next, and with that I just throw some grenades idk
1: "you all know what to do, do your jobs, defeat what you can, oh and alert if a grenade comes into our base at the top of your voice, and run, of course."
2:"oh ok. Hey 3 guess what?"
2:"so the other day, I was eating this pineapple, and I must say, it was yum. So then I continued with my day and- -w
A blue light crash lands into the distant forest. It looks like it might be from space, but the only way to be sure is to find the thing that crashed.
I find an extremely powerful alien while in space who just happens to be immune to all robot masters who I use to become an emperor of south china
*I throw you and the alien into space again by using Dark Hold, a weapon from Dark Necrobat. Dark Necrobat is a Maverick/Reploid, and is therefore superior to any Robot Master.*
I actually die 50x times over and over whilst dying I ASCEND death and become SUPER-DEATH therefore being immune to nothing and everything at the same time but accidently jumping into a blackhole that just to happens to be near me!
She takes them for harmless and walks by them, smashing one. This seems to surprise her, as signified by her eyes now being open.
*a voice says*
1. she was startled by a pumpkin she stepped on?
2. yes it seems she was
3. shush they may be listening

*edit: the numbers represent a different voice tell me if i should use colors instead*
Looking at the pumpkin, the woman returns to her normal, seemingly blind state. However, one can see she isn't really blind.

"That doesn't happen in Paradise..."

She continues her walk, being careful to avoid the pumpkins.
huh, this is still alive. i think.

A crystal slowly descends on to the.. planet ?? no idea where the action went.
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