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IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)


Eater of Worlds
Jack is still waiting for a response from Esther or Sam while talking to Marcus.
"Maybe, but... ...Isn't there a game that had things similar to what you're infected with? I think it was called Prototype or something like that?"

Lukas decides to shifts into a dragon and flies down into the crack.


|after a while, he get to the entrance to the surface|

``Ok, its the surface............i guess i should ask up there on what's happening``

Champion Greninjoid

The Destroyer
*Madeline gives Sandy a wormhole device with a red button, a green button, and a blue button*
"If you don't have anything to do here, I could bring you back to where I came from. It's not where everyone else is, but that's where I'll be going."

*The Impostor walks over to Vani and Eve. They look just like Madeline again*
"I'm back."
*Their voice sounds just like Madeline's*


"so things went mostly as planned, where's gamma?"
(teleported away by steryl I think? I can never remember this stuff)

Champion Greninjoid

The Destroyer
"The green button brings you to my device, the blue one brings you to any location that you know of, and the red one brings you to the machine that I built a while ago. Don't press the red one."
"What's wrong?"
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