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IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

"-Doesn't help that 50% of revival tactics involve robotic replacement bodies, which I'm starting to think don't even help in the slightest. Hell, I'm getting close to convincing myself that they're just AI programmed to think they're the corpse they're replacing.-"
"-Honestly, it just feels like both mess with the worst types of ethics: taking advantage of the deceased, for either manipulating the dead themselves or those who are affected by their death.-"
"-...Anyways, that's why I hired a group to snuff out those dealing in the occult, and the mechanical "replacement bodies" supplied by Aleron.-"
*They'd pause for a bit*
"-...Okay, it was actually because I'm trying to avoid a guy into the occult, and because of that incident involving a previous mechanical replacement and the void.-"
"-Well, I trust them enough, since quite a few of them are close friends. I hired Octane, Marcus and Nicolas to deal with the occult stuff, and Price, Wire, and a person I recently met who calls themselves Morgan to deal with the mechanical :red:.-


-Rin's got his own form of revival but I don't know if it can be considered revival or just using the most previous "Rin" to recreate him-
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