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IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)


Duke Fishron
(Basically talk between Rune and The stitch, and another conversation between Forrest, Jeff, and one of Gan's characters.)
"=Well, apart from this, draconic and human or english depending on which you prefer to call it, for both of us.="


Skeletron Prime
Pandora is taking flower samples.
Rascal scampers over to see if he can help.
"Probably better. Down here you'll just go insane."
"Well, that would be less than optimal. Actually, Now that I'm thinking of it, have you gone insane yet?"
The red light appears to be on a band around Pantheon's ankle.

Zero would see a cloaked figure flicker in and out of existence near Pantheon.
Zero looks around for closer cover before finding it and slipping behind it. They're now about 7 feet away from Pantheon, but hidden very well.
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