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IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)


Wall of Flesh
Weapons are not dropped.
Instead what happens is that they take anything that could traced back to them, and leave.
*If there’s any vehicle’s that are operated with electricity, someone who tries to use them would notice that they’re disabled. The person inside of the base appears to be transforming*


Eater of Worlds
A helicopter would proceed to fly over the temporary base.

Cycler gets out of the van and walks over to Phantom.
The person looks at Phantom.
"Could you pick up that creature and follow me?"
*Any electrical features on the vehicles would be disabled, though the helicopter probably wouldn’t be affected unless it was in the same area as the other vehicles. She’s easy to pick up, but incredibly cold. They’re now a dragon covered almost entirely with metal armor*


Eater of Worlds
The helicopter would proceed to fire 16 incendiary rockets at various targets at the base, notably those targets aren't people, but rather things that could be used to trace those people.


Eater of Worlds
The helicopter proceeds to fire two high-explosive incendiary missiles designed to destroy buildings at the dragon, while also opening fire with a 25mm autocannon armed with armour-piercing incendiary rounds.
“Go where?”
*The dragon tries to avoid the missles, and then launches a fireball. It would get shot by the autocannon, which pierces the armor. It then transforms into some sort of bird that seems like a hybrid of a Talonflame and a Pidgeot*
*It’s most likely too fat to hit, unless the helicopter can fly faster than the speed of sound (Apparently Pidgeot’s hella fast). It cloaks itself in fire and swoops at the helicopter, probably grazing it and then flying off again*
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