IC Random Journey in The Universe (IC)

(Well in that case…)
Raieel and Lorra would most likeley here a loud thump outside, a yell, and a faint whirring of a motor
Sheild is outside, she just knocked out Nebula. She goes to the door and…
[If condition= Door locked, Then: Sheild jiggles the door handle, trying to open it]
[If condition= Door unlocked, Then: Sheild opens the door and searches for Lorra and Raieel]


Eater of Worlds
From what I remmeber the door was left open, and Lorra and Raieel were still within sight of the door, so Shield should be able to see them.
“*I could honestly be doing a whole lot better. Just kind of hanging out on top of a billboard, waiting for anything to happen*”
Vortex would sit down on the metal platform and look out over the city
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